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Weekend Indian lunch buffet in LA that doesn't suck. Does it exist?

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Topic explains all...the closer to Burbank/NoHo the better

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  1. how about a weekend indian buffet on the westside that sucks less than most of the others?

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      pass, not making a drive over the mountains for that lol

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        I, however, would be interested in hearing about this place.

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          actually, they serve a buffet brunch every day of the week, not just on weekends: Jaipur on Pico in Westwood.
          this doesn't compare to the buffet served at the India Restaurant in artesia, but for our area is the best i've found.
          they charge a little less for it on weekdays, and the selection is a little smaller on weekdays with no "complimentary" drink.
          their carrot pickle, is very good.

          also, i've only been once, but for vegetarian buffet on the weekends, many of my friends like Annapurna on Venice blvd., Culver City.

          (personally, i usually forgo the buffet places and end up at Bawarchi or Samosa house, and get a combination plate. both these places let you choose what items you want on your plate and will let you taste an item that intrigues you before you actually have to commit to it)

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            i was impressed with samosa house. i think they are quite respectable. Bawarchi, I would like to try.

            My Indian Buffet is Nawab on Wilshire at least it used to be, havent had the urge in a while. It's pretty good and I think they have a Saturday buffet

            Nawab of India
            1621 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90403

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              i love jaipur.

              good food and definitely good buffet, esp on the westside.

        2. I've been to India's Tandoori in Burbank in the past (its been a while so this is not an up to date recommendation) and thought it was pretty decent. I recall they had a lunch buffet, but if they run it on the weekends I don't know.

          India's Tandoori
          142 N San Fernando Blvd, Burbank, CA

          1. only in Little India in Artesia, so nowhere near Burbank/NoHo. If you do drive out there, The India Restaurant has a great buffet. pakoras, samosas... usually about 5 curries (typically a palak, a lentil, an aloo, butter chicken and a lamb shank curry). quality is very good. most of the other places don't do buffets, but The India Restaurant is fantastic (great for dinner as well)

            1. Valley India Cafe, or its vegetarian sister, Woodlands (being a devout carnivore, even I didn't miss the meat). The spices were very good, and the overwhelmingly Indian crowd seemed to bear that out.

              1. I had a fairly good Indian Buffett at India's Tandoori in Hawthorne yesterday. Two kinds of rice, some Chicken Tikka Masala, goat curry, and several vegetables and a nice spread overall and the quality was fairly good. I liked it better than Jaipur, and I go to Jaipur a lot more since its pretty close to work.

                It was $12.50 came with drink or champagne. Its not close to Burbank though, I wouldn't say its worth the drive..but for anyone else, its not bad.

                1. Flavor of India in downtown Burbank has a weekend brunch buffet that I quite like. Everything is flavorful and seems very fresh -- high turnover of food as well, since there's always a crowd. I can't vouch for authenticity either way, other than to say that the customers generally look white. But I don't see that as a reason to be wary.

                  Flavor of India
                  161 E Orange Grove Ave, Burbank, CA 91502

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                  1. Shershah in MDR has a weekend lunch buffet.

                    I think I tried it once but don't remember how it was.


                    We do like the food at Tandoor a India in PDR. They have a buffet, but I don't know if it exists on the weekend.

                    Their website says they have an all you can eat brunch on the weekend, I assume that's the same as the weekday brunch.


                    We live closer to Shershah but always drive to Tandoor A India.

                    (I misread the topic, my bad. I thought for some reason you were looking for places on the Westside. Not sure why I thought that. Anyway, I don't know if I'd drive to PDR or MDR from NoHo for these recs. Again, I thought we were looking for westside locations.)

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                      respectfully disagree,
                      imho, neither shershah nor tandoor a india are worth a drive.
                      to my palate, shershah uses a lot of ghee (butter or margarine), so their food has a rich taste, but the rest of the spicing is bland.
                      tandoor a india is within walking distance to my house, but unless i'm eating with a group that values convenience above all, i don't go there.

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                        Tandoor A India CH place link added to the site database.

                        Tandoor A India
                        8406 Pershing Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90293

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                          Thanks Servorg

                          Discussed in slightly more detail in this thread


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                            I find that Shershah is already in the db, so may as well link for future ease of finding it.

                            Shershah Cuisine of India
                            13444 Maxella Ave, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292