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Nov 6, 2011 04:08 PM

Flared ramekins/custard cups

I grew up with those custard cups by Fire King. I love the size and shape. I dislike the color (brown) and they don't belong to me, anyway. So I am looking for my own. The ones I found on froogle (flared ramekins) only produced those that come in bulk for restaurants. I was hoping to find some that were made in Europe or the USA, and reasonably priced (less than $10/each, and even that's high). Has anyone seen anything like this?

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  1. pyrex makes them in clear. I really like mine from Royal Worcester in the Evesham pattern, but they are straight sided. BIA Cordon Bleu makes straight sided ones in colored porcelain. I find the colors kind of muddy but that seems to be the fashion right now.