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food shopping mission again

itryalot Nov 6, 2011 02:51 PM

Coming down to Toronto for another food shopping experience:
I don't want to preorder, but am looking for:
half a lamb,
half a goat or pces (Ontario)
Some italian veggies and imported greek and italian fish for my great aunt and great uncle

There used to be a good place on St. Clair in what used to be, Little Italy, but can't remember the name.
What fresh fall veggies are out there? I don't want to go to St. Lawrence Market for once if I don't need to.

St. Lawrence Market
92 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E, CA

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  1. w
    wano RE: itryalot Nov 11, 2011 09:10 AM

    Go to Diana's seafood - all kinds of fish from everywhere
    Brickworks farmers market - squash, root vegetables, beets, etc

    lots of West Indian stores will have goat but usually frozen. Pre-ordering will save you time and guarantee you get what you want. Any reason for not pre-ordering?

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    1. re: wano
      itryalot RE: wano Nov 11, 2011 01:26 PM

      I like to see it when I buy it. Sometimes the way it's cut is not the way we want. I've heard about Diana's. Do they have a better selection than Seacore or San Antonio fish market?

    2. m
      MELCH RE: itryalot Nov 11, 2011 09:29 AM

      they had goat and lamb at Sausage Partners on Queen a few days ago

      1. c
        crawfish RE: itryalot Nov 12, 2011 05:52 AM

        If you go to St Clair West you could hit the farmer's market at Wychwood Barns.


        St Clair Restaurant
        69 St Clair St, Chatham, ON N7L3H8, CA

        1. dachopstix RE: itryalot Nov 12, 2011 06:37 AM

          Try Kostas Meat Market at the Southwest Corner of Warden/Ellesmere for the goat and lamb - lots of supply for lamb there.

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