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Nov 6, 2011 02:46 PM

Wine websites

i have been buying wines from a few websites and wondered if anyone has used them.
Wine library
Just rec'd an order from Lot 18 of some white Bordeaux that I ordered in summer and they held until now. I have found some tasty bargains and a couple of clunkers. Right now I'm enjoying dry Moscato that got online.
Now I know that many on this board have negative views on shipped wines but for those who have tried, any results?

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  1. I don't use any of those, but in random order . . .

    Wine Exchange --

    K&L Wines --

    North Berkeley Wines -- (but, admittedly, I usually just go there)

    1. I use one for higher end wines but they are the best prices and will not share as they disappear five minutes after the email comes out.

      I have had good luck with WTSO. You just need to delete 29/30 of them but the one is always a great wine and free shipping on certain numbers you buy (never more then 4).

      Why would anyone have a negative opinion on shipping wines? Of course you don't ship in the middle of the summer but right now is great from the West Coast to the Midwest.

      1. I'd like to piggy-back and ask about
        WineAccess and

        I've recently signed up for both and get daily email offers--but don't know that much about how they do business.

        Anybody know?


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          I have been buying from garagiste for years and have been very happy with the vast majority of those offerings. They are VERY careful about provenance and shipping which is really a blessing and a curse. They only ship twice a year, and not neccessarily evrything you've purchased in the last 6 months will be included in the shipment. I've bought wine that hasn't been delivered for over a year. If you are close enough to pickup at their warehouse, you're luckier than me.

          I think one point is understanding your pallet and the types of wine you are interested in and using a website or service inline with that. There is a great deal of variation in the types/styles of wines on offer through these outlets. Probably in integrity and sourcing as well.

          1. re: NL5xHaze

            Wow, twice a year! I would have forgotten my order by then. ;-)

          2. re: Longing for Italy

            Wine Access is quite reliable, particularly for French and Italian wines-- I think
            they tend to be overenthusiastic for CA wines-- besides, since I live in Northern CA,
            I can do just as well on my own.

            K&L is also very dependable and offers consistently a high QPR.

              1. re: budnball

                quality to price ratio. A good value.

          3. Probably 80 percent of the wine I've purchased in the last four years has come from K&L, so I'm a big fan of theirs.
            I bought once from Napa Cabs and got good prices and good bottles.
            I've found some gems in the past at Wizers in Portland. They raised their prices so the gems are a lot harder to find. Also, the web site has tended to not be up to date.

            1. I have had very good luck with The Wine Club, K&L and Garagiste.