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Nov 6, 2011 01:44 PM

10 Year Old Bourbon

I'd like to give a bottle of 10 year old bourbon as a gift. Can you tell me which brand is considered very special or is 10 years not a significant amount for bourbon?

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  1. Why ten years in particular? There actually aren't that many ten year old bourbons (there are older and younger, but for some reason, not that many ten), but there are a few. The last two editions of Parker's Heritage Collection (an annual release that is different every year) are both ten years old (the 2010 is a wheated bourbon and the 2011 is finished in Cognac casks). These would both make excellent gifts and will likely run you $70-$80.

    If you want something cheaper, Eagle Rare Single Barrel is a very good 10 year old that is more in the $25 range and is pretty easy to find.

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      It is to celebrate a 10 year anniversary. I appreciate your suggestions and hopefully they will be available at our state store. Thank you!

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        SKU, thanks....I got the Eagle Rare Single Barrel. The state store did not have the Parker's in stock or on their inventory list.