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Nov 6, 2011 12:37 PM

seeking sale on Shady Brook Turkey Breasts

i'm new to this board and hope i am doing this correctly. I have been searchig the store ads for these turkey breasts which usually go on sale in November. Sometimes they are 99 cents more recently they have been $1.50 ish. I'm in silver spring but will travel 10 miles in any direction.


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  1. I don't know what markets are in your area, but our local Martin's (part of the Giant, Stop & Shop, chain) give away free whole Shady Brook Farm Turkeys or Turkey Breasts if you amass 400 shopping points - something I do easily since I shop there several times a week. Since we always order a free-range bird from Whole Foods, I always donate our free turkey to the local food pantry.

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    1. re: Breezychow

      thanks, I am in DC and have seen no such promotion, but i will look out for it

      1. re: dthshop

        They do it every year. It might not be in the flyer, but there are posters up in the store and at the registers. At least at Martin's - haven't been to Giant lately & don't have a Stop & Shop nearby.

    2. It's probably just the way the weekdays line up with the store flier release dates this year - I looked at all my 4 regular online fliers and found only 1 mention of turkey this past week. I feel certain that the fliers coming out this Wed/Thu will have plenty of sales, including Shady Brook turkey breast.

      1. Speaking of turkeys, has anyone seen a source for smoked turkeys yet this year? A few years ago I was finding frozen smoked bone-in breasts which were the right size for my small dinner group with minimal leftovers but last couple of years I haven't seen breasts, only whole smoked turkeys. I got the smallest one I could find last year and finished the last of the chili in, I think, June. I'm not a big turkey eater but sometimes you just gotta serve it.

        Used to be that you could take a turkey to Red Hot and Blue and they'd smoke it for a reasonable fee, but no more. And when I search on line for "smoked turkey breast" all I can find is the compressed lump that they slice for sandwiches at the deli counter.

        Last year Trader Joe's had a smoked half turkey (split down the middle) but this year they have the same turkey part, but baked rather than smoked. Maybe smoking has gone out of style or has been declared unhealthy. And, yes, I've tried doing it myself but serving time is too unpredictable unless I do it the day before.

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        1. re: MikeR

          Have you looked online at Burger's Smokehouse? We've had their smoked turkey & it's wonderful. May look pricey, but shipping is included. Moist, flavorful, & best of all - not salty like many smoked turkey products are.

          We bought a half smoked turkey this past Easter & got two meals out of it plus the carcass for a terrific split-pea soup.

          1. re: Breezychow

            Looks good, but for $54 for a smoked breast, I'd rather take my friends out for dinner.

        2. Wednesday is when the Washington Post prints the Food section which includes Grocery sales inserts for subscribers (I would assume also for papers sold separately in boxes and stores). I scanned today's inserts and saw only Giant advertising whole Shady Brook Turkeys. Next Wed (Nov. 16) will be the jackpot for these inserts in prep for Thanksgiving so maybe look then.

          1. I saw a small pile of frozen Shadybrook turkey breasts in my local Safeway today. This was at Willston (7 Corners), but probably all the stores have, or will have them shortly. I don't recall the price, but there was a Safeway club card discount.