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Nov 6, 2011 11:27 AM

Lunch in Jamaica near the courts - recommendations?

I have jury duty this week in Jamaica (the court is on Sutphin between Jamaica and Hillside).

What can I walk to in the area that would be fun and interesting? Any good Caribbean nearby? I know there's a Sybil's Bakery somewhere up there. What else? I need something relatively quick and closeby - unfortunately I won't have time to go to the Liberty Ave. area for roti or Veggie Castle...

Veggie Castle
132-09 Liberty Ave, New York, NY 11419

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  1. Vina del Mar has great pupusas and is only one block away from the courthouse. It was my salvation during jury duty.

    Vina Del Mar
    89-14 Sutphin Blvd, Queens, NY 11435

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    1. re: SpiceJunkies

      Yeah, there are a few pupuserias on Jamaica Ave, within a block or two of the E train Sutphin stop. There's nothing really amazing in the immediate area, but there are two Dominican diners, both on Hillside right near Sutphin - El Rey and Punto Rojo. Especially considering the area, you could do a lot worse.

      One thing to consider: jury duty lunch breaks can be pretty long, depending on the case and the judge, etc. I did jury duty there in the summer of '10, and we had some pretty long breaks. If that's the case, you can easily hop on the F or E and be in Elmhurst or Jackson Heights within a half hour.

      Also, if you have more time, there is the Sybil's you speak of further down Hillside, as well as El Comal, another pupuseria, and an outpost of Pio Pio as well.

      By all means, whatever they give you, make the most of it.


      El Comal
      148-62 Hillside Ave, Queens, NY 11435

      El Rey
      147-13 Hillside Ave, Queens, NY 11435

      Pio Pio Rico
      15337 Hillside Ave, Queens, NY 11432

      159-24 Hillside Ave, Queens, NY 11432

      Punto Rojo
      147-16 Hillside Ave, Queens, NY 11435

      1. re: Polecat

        Thank you both, these are exactly the kind of recs I was looking for. Will report back

      2. re: SpiceJunkies

        Vina del Mar was to have been my first stop this afternoon, but the storefront is now occupied by Sutphin Eye Care.

        Dave Cook

        1. re: DaveCook

          There is, I saw today, a "restaurant Salvadoreno" called Vina del Mar nearby, at 89-52 146th St.. The phone number, 718-206-9535, is different from that of the Vina del Mar listed above. Whether it's the same business or another with the same name, I didn't trouble to find out.

          Dave Cook

          Vina del Mar
          89-52 146th St, Queens, NY 11435