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Nov 6, 2011 11:22 AM

La Grille one year into new ownership [Paris]

Will be in Paris in March - in looking less touristy restaurants came across Frommer's 2011 review of La Grille - but 2010 reviews following change of ownership were very disappointing - wondering if anyone has anything more recent to offer - should we put it on the list of must eat places or scratch it??????

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  1. The safe thing is to go to the nearby Chez Casimir. Same price point, very good food.

    1. I was there in March and again in October. La Grille is delightfully old school. The greeting is friendly and warm. The main waiter is a holdover from the old ownership. He is a real pro. the turbot sauvage with beurre blanc is gold standard quality. Don't even think about ordering anything else. You'll have fun!