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Nov 6, 2011 11:02 AM

Should I peel fresh ginger before I freeze it?

I bought a piece from the local farmer's market and I knew I could freeze it to keep it for a while, but my question is should I peel it first? It seems if I do then when I want to grate some into a dish I could just use it frozen and put it back. Thoughts?

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  1. If you freeze it, wrap it first in a paper towel (paper napkins will work too) then put it inside a plastic "FREEZER" bag. Don't use those sandwich bags, even if the have a "zip" seal feature. If you want to peel it, store it in a container of good wine (like sherry) but keep in mind that it will absorb some of the wine's flavor.
    I agree with the "grate it frozen" idea ....

    1. I keep peeled ginger in the freezer wrapped in a piece of plastic wrap inside of a freezer bag. It keeps well for months and frozen ginger is easy to grate. The only problem I have w/freezing it is that it keeps getting lost in my very full freezer and I end up buying a new piece of ginger anyway. When I clean the freezer I usually find a half dozen renegade ginger thumbs hiding out.

      1. Not necessary IMO, I freeze it in a ziploc bag and microplane it directly into what ever I'm seasoning. The skin on most mature ginger is so thin that it is of little consequence after being frozen.

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          Same here, gave up peeling ginger years ago. I just wrap it well, and freeze. I keep it on the freezer door, so it doesn't get lost.

        2. I never peel ginger before freezing. Even frozen, the skin is easy to cut off before grating. If you peel it beforehand, it will dehydrate rather quickly in the freezer.

          1. Thanks for all the information, will wrap well - unpeeled.