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Nov 6, 2011 10:59 AM

Asian markets with good barbecue pork and duck

Looking for recommendations for Asian markets with great (cooked) pork and duck: Vietnamese, Chinese, or other.

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  1. There's quite a few -- any specific location? The Hmong markets (Como and East Side) both have numerous vendors with both). University Ave has a couple sources. There's an old SA just south of Lowry on Lyndale in North Mpls that has very good duck and pork at lunchtime. Burnsville (my area) has 3-4 good sources. Groceries of the Orient had some really nice looking pork belly and roast ducks two weeks ago -- again, lunchtime on a weekday. The market in the building with Destiny Cafe on University has had some when I was in there and it looked good. Incidentally, Destiny Cafe has outstanding pork belly dishes. I'm sure others can add more specifics.

    1. I've seen whole roast duck hanging in the little deli inside of United Noodle in South Minneapolis. I did not try it, but I did have some bbq type bone-in chicken. The meat was moist and delicious with the most flavorful browned skin. It was a little bit fatty, but I like fat so no problem!

      1. Shuang Hur has some nice roast pork, I'll sometimes use it to throw in fried rice. the duck I think you have to buy whole so I've never tried it.

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          Tai Hoa on University in St Paul.