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Nov 6, 2011 10:35 AM

Naples Restaurants During Christmas-New Years holidays

We are visiting during then holidays again. I am wondering if there are any new or other restaurants that we should consider. We like:

Fun, creative cuisine, open price wise as well as within 30 minutes of Ritz where we are staying.
We like: Chops City, Cafe Lurcat, Angelinna's, Turtle Club.

Turtle Club Restaurant
9225 Gulf Shore Dr, Naples, FL 34108

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  1. Agave has opened across from the Ritz Golf resort. Just excellent. Opened by the people who own Angelina's.

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    1. re: LilMsFoodie

      Great suggestion. Any thoughts about Gardens52?

      1. re: Property manager

        u mean Seasons 52?

        some of my likes in Naples....
        Turtle Club
        have tried Agave when it opened..need to go back for a follow up..
        for dinner

        Skillets or First Watch for Breakfast

        Pastrami Dans,Grouper and chips,Simply Southern bbq and Black Eyed pig for luch..

        and if u dont mind a drive down to Marco island..Arturo's and Konrad's are nice as well

        1. re: Property manager

          Season's 52. This is the newest Florida addition to the Darden chain. It is located close to their other high end place, Capital Grille. The food is excellent but many complain of little portions. It is a concept designed by the former chef at The Contemporary hotel at Disney World. California Grill. Emphasis on excellent wines, lighter dishes, calorie controlled but still very flavorful. I love the place and it will be a winner in Naples. I have been to the ones in Orlando and Palm Beach but not here yet. We are having our Christmas party there for 12, I am that confident about their capabilities. They are going to be careful with their entry into the Naples market. LMF