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Nov 6, 2011 09:14 AM

Coney Island Bialys and Bagels is Saved!!!

Coney Island Bialys and Bagels on Coney Island Ave closed a couple months ago, breaking my heart.

But the place will be saved by a couple of cab drivers - Muslim guys who're keeping things kosher, and who seem to have the sort of good karma/inertia that may result in some really freaking good bagels (and bialies). Maybe even better than before.

Read all about it:

(thanks to Barry Strugatz for the link


Coney Island Bagels & Bialys
2359 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11223

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  1. How do they compare to Kossar's?

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    1. re: rschwim

      Any bialy will be better than the current Kossar's. It's been at least five years since they changed hands and classics such as the bulkas and pletzls and their signature product have gone to heck.

      The only thing close now is Bell's packaged bialys which have the requisite onion spread in the center and toast nicely. Also had a believe-it-or-not reasonable facsimile at East Coast Bagel store in a Manhattan Beach (California) mall.

      1. re: Mike R.

        Is Yonah Schimmel still around, on a different note?

        1. re: kevin

          The Manhattan Board has your answer in detail...briefly, it is still open.