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Nov 6, 2011 08:27 AM

Pea leaves the same as snow pea leaves?

Hi, I was recently in Chinatown and saw pea leaves for sale. I wondered if this was the same as snow pea leaves or another pea variety. Because it was bagged, I couldn't get a good luck, though I admit I wouldn't know an uncooked snow pea leaf from spinach.

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  1. Sorry meant to write "get a good look" instead of "get a good luck".

    1. There are two kinds of so called pea leaves, but since you post in the Manhattan section, you must live in the Northeast. In the NE, you will only see the big leaves kind, like:

      In answering your question, yes, they are snow pea shoots. Whenever the Chinese supermarket or Chinatown sells 豆苗, it must be snow pea shoots.

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