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Nov 6, 2011 06:23 AM

Piccoli Trattoria: new South Slope Italian. It's about the risotto. BYO for now.

Open less than a week is Piccoli Trattoria, in the space on the NW corner of 14th St. and 6th Ave., formerly occupied by an Indian restaurant. Owners have a take-out/delivery operation in Windsor Terrace. They've done a nice job brightening up the space and were very busy on Saturday evening, but handling the crowd well. It seems that reservations are helpful, even at this early point, but a few walk-ins were seated after a few minutes waiting at what will become the bar.

Prices were very easy to take: most salads were less than $10 and could easily be shared. Pastas were in the $13-17 range, starters mostly around $10 and risottos started at $13 and were topped by a mixed seafood risotto for $18.

They're waiting on their wine license, so they're BYO for now.

Service was cheerful and professional. The owner waited and bussed tables himself, along with two very pleasant servers, one of whom also serves as hostess.

Servings were abundant. We particularly liked the sarde (sardine) starter, served with sweet cauliflower.
We also liked the risottos, which arrived steamy and perfectly done: soft with just a hint of crunch.

While not Al di La, Piccoli distinguishes itself as Park Slope's second best Italian restaurant. I like the wide variety of choices on the menu and liked that I could request my risotto to be made with vegetable stock instead of chicken stock. This one's a winner.

Piccoli Trattoria
522 6th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

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  1. Hard to believe the former hellhole lasted as long as it did.

    Piccoli on the Park is a winner and with any luck on such an off-beaten-path, they can be a shining star. Agree the risotto is excellent and we've had good value salads and pasta. The key here is to keep a bright light shining and prices reasonable.

    Piccoli to Go
    157 Prospect Park SW, Brooklyn, NY 11218

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      We were there last night as well. I wonder if it might have been you, famdoc, who we chatted with at the next table? (The tables are actually quite close together...which in this case was quite nice because we had a pleasant conversation with our neighbors and they even graciously shared some of their Barolo.)

      Anyway, I totally agree--this place is a winner--we had a fabulous appetizer of polenta with wild mushrooms and fontina, so good I wanted to lick the plate. A simple salad of escarole, pancetta and dates was a good foil for the richness of that dish. The pastas were excellent, I had the pappardelle with short rib ragu which was tasty (although the pappardelle could have been a tad more al dente--but that's nit-picking.) Spouse's swiss chard ricotta ravioli was like Al di La's malfatti wrapped up in a ravioli wrapper--we both commented it tasted just like it.

      I had seen the menu and the website and when it came for the desserts--which the owner recited to us--he did not mention the banana chocolate chip semifreddo which I'd been coveting. I inquired and he said they had the semifreddo but not all the other ingredients to put the plate together--but sensing my disappointment he said, wait, I'll make you something up--and came out with the semifreddo dressed in marcona almonds and saba, which was delicious. And he comped it on the bill!

      Another plus, they take reservations. I just hope that when they get the wine list it is well done and reasonably priced. Meantime we'll try to go back while its still BYOB!