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Nov 6, 2011 06:11 AM

Boise Restaurant Week

Nearly 15 restaurants participating in Restaurant Week. Had dinner at Piper Pub. Two courses for $15...choice of pork chops or sole. Both were good. The peanut butter dessert was really good.

Last night we had a three course dinner at Brickyard for $30. The appetizer was skewered tuna, chicken and beef with appropriate sauces. Very good. They make your salad table side with a nice selection of ingredients. Sirloin steak with mashed potatoes flavored with peanut butter. The food was good...service excellent. They offered a wine flight paired with the three courses for $10. Perfect...

They sent us home with a lagniappe....two muffins for breakfast the next day. Very attractive room. Will be back.

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  1. Tuesday night in Boise...the restaurants were busy. Two more nights for restaurant week...if you haven't gone yet I highly recommend it!