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Nov 6, 2011 04:03 AM

Decent Food near Burlington Airport, Sunday afternoon TODAY

We are dropping someone off at the Burlington Airport this afternoon. Before she checks in around 6 we need to get a bite to eat.

Previously we had undistinguished (to put it mildly) food at the Pour House and we would like something better. It would have to be within 10 to 15 minutes from the airport.

Sakrua Bana (at one time) in Essex Junction was one option we were considering, but it seems to have moved to Burlington and may be too far away. And furthermore according to Yelp, it is closed on Sunday

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Without the benefit of any advice, we wound up at the Rotisserie, seemingly the least offensive option on the strip mall of Route 2, between I-89 and the airport. We ordered the caesar salad with chicken and the beef vegetable soup. The salad was of course the phony caesar (no egg, no croutons, no freshly ground pepper, and no mashed anchovie) that US restaurants typically offer. But at least the romaine lettuce was fresh and lacked any slimy bits (unlike that served at the Pour House). Since the croutons were missing I took some from my wife's house salad. A mistake. They had no flavor and I loved well-prepared croutons. The chicken was at least warm, wherever its origins may have been on the Sysco Food chain. The romaine was dressed with a decent version of Caesar salad dressing from a bottle and was sprinkled with parmesan cheese (probably domestic), but we were not offered a pepper mill.

    The beef vegetable soup consisted of tough beef, broth, and lots of carrots. The sweetness of the carots saved the soup to a limited degree. The beer was very good, Switchback was the brand, I believe, but I can't remember the specific variety. I would have expected to find Magic Hat, a local brew, but no luck.

    The resto specializes in ribs, covered with gooey sauce, and cooked in a way that allows the customers to eat them without their dentures - - otherwise known as falling off the bone, Since we did not have the time to order that dish, my description is based on what the remains of customer plates revealed. It also offers prime rib, but that did not seem to be as popular.

    Since we drive through Burlington from time to time and this area is more easy on and off from I-89 than downtown Burlington, I am still interested in obtaining some local knowledge. So I would change the title of this posting, but I can't control that, unfortunately.

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      I was out this weekend or I'd have responded. :) If you're getting off 89 at Exit 12, then there's Texas Roadhouse, which is good, really. I swear, despite it being a chain. :) There's also a sushi place in the same mall as The 99, but sorta behind it. The sushi place looks a bit scary, but it's actually awesome. I can NEVER remember the name of the place despite being told it many many times. A bit further down, past the Tafts Corners intersection there's a Asian food place that opened fairly recently. They have Thai, and some other foods, I really liked it a lot. used to be a chinese buffet place, but it's changed into a higher end restaurant, with some decent specials. There's also a sandwich place/bakery that's higher end stuff, (I think it's a bit overpriced for what you get but lots of folks swear by it). The Vermont Sandwich company is also pretty good, but I usually go to Texas Roadhouse when I can because I love the catfish, it's cooked to PERFECTION every time. :)

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        I'd also mention that the Windjammer and it's Upper Deck Pub have good solid food. Located right off Williston Road in the Best Western complex. NOT your typical hotel restaurant.

        Upper Deck Pub
        1076 Williston Rd, South Burlington, VT 05403

    2. We were in the area last weekend and had a very nice meal at Monty's Old Brick Tavern in (downtown?) Williston, maybe 5 minutes further from the airport than the stretch of chains. A redone old farmhouse, it was very nice with a good beer selection. The young chef came by at the end of dinner to ask about everything. It was all very good. Everything is made in-house right down to the graham crackers and marshmallow in the smores dessert.