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I NEED to eat REAL BBQ in South Florida. Where do I go?

Please do not suggest Shortys, Sonnys, The Pit, or Shivers. These places have all been major let downs to me. I usually only eat BBQ once a year and that's during RibFest in the homestead area. But they haven't had one in 2 years and now ive got the itch.

I'm looking for some real, been slow cooking over fire and smoke for hours on end type of BBQ

I want pork and I want beef.

The other BBQ. Threads are outdated so I'm curious to know if SoFla's BBQ scene has changed any For the better.

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    1. Tom Jenkins in Fort Lauderdale.

      1. All outdated threads? This one has posts from August and October:


        There you'll find plenty of recos for Smokehouse in Boca -

        Lots of good info, except perhaps that very last which seemed somewhat off on a lot of tangents about ownership and chicken wings.

        1. Without question Smokehouse Grill and Wingery on Yamato Rd. and 441 in Boca. Legitimate, genuine, really good que. http://www.smokehousegw.com/

          1. Without a doubt..... Troy's BBQ on US 1 in Boynton Beach.. Make it a take-out order. Not the best of area...

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              Didnt Troys Close? Last few times I drove by it was shut down.

              1. re: SaminSFL

                Troy's is infamous for random hours and days. Not to mention availabilty of food.

                Unless the place REALLY looks like it is shuttered for good, I would not put TOO much stock in the fact that it was closed 2 or 3 times when it "should" have been open.

                I'll see if I can check it out this weekend.

            2. Nothing much has changed the last few years..
              Tom Jenkins for Ribs.
              Georgia Pig for Chopped Pork!

              1. you can try the new restaurant hogzilla which replaced beach bbq on washington ave in south beach.I was impressed with their texas style smoked brisket and collared greens,less so with their baby back ribs.

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                  Hogzilla has closed. There are rumors of a yet another BBQ place opening there soon.

                2. Sparky's Roadside BBQ in downtown Miami. My boyfriend's from Texas and he says it's comparable to the places he went to when he lived in San Antonio.

                  1. time to buy yourself a smoker i think

                    1. Thank you everyone for the feedback I appreciate it!

                      1. Anyone try Harvey's Smokehouse on Old Cutler Road yet? Hear they use gas with wood pellets for the smoke. Brisket comes chopped but ribs are flavorful. Fries aren't great. Any experiences? Worth the trip?

                        1. If you can hold out and if you dont mind the drive....

                          Jan. 27 & 28th 16th Annual Lakeland Pig Fest!

                          1. My husband is a HUGE BBQ lover- travels everywhere for it! Agreed that we are living in a BBQ wasteland for the most part...but I agree with these recommendations...Georgia Pig for chopped pork sandwiches, Tom Jenkins for ribs and we really like Sparkys Roadside BBQ in downtown Miami for Brisket sandwiches and banana pudding!

                            1. Interesting article on how local S Florida ordinances are making it tough for some potentail BBQ restaurants to open.

                              Boca Raton is specifically mentioned although it covers the whole area:

                              Barbecue restaurants facing fire from South Florida cities

                              "A growing list of cities are adding restrictions to routine health and fire codes, making it difficult for restaurants to open.

                              "If they knew what they were going to have to go through to open a place, I don't think anybody in their right mind would ever get into this business," said Mark Vasturo, CEO of Miami-based chain, Shorty's Bar-B-Q.

                              More =>


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                                And yet coal pizza joints can blow all the coal fired soot they want. BBQ depends on it...pizza does not. Shorty's is looking for unincorporated Boca to expand in. I wonder how many have decided this would be a problem for them. Could this be why Smokehouse in Boca relocated or was it lease prices?

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                                  Shorty's is opening in Boca at the corner of Clint Moore & 441. I think Smokehouse closed because it sucked.

                                    1. re: Frodnesor

                                      very good point, Frodnesor.
                                      Freakerdude: re Smokehouse, I was there on a Friday night not long before its demise. I guess everyone, staff & cooks, were just apathetic at that point. Too bad.
                                      I hear a lot of oohing and aaahing over Mississippi Sweets. Anyone been there?

                                      1. re: HabaneroJane

                                        Mississippi Sweets is not "real bbq". The chicken usually is dry and cold on the inside. On the bright side, I really like those sweet potato fries they make and the bbq sauces are good.

                                        1. re: Mat Josher

                                          I agree with Matt about Miss. Sweets. No smoke flavor on anything I have had. It's been two years since my last visit. Sauces are good though.

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                                      Au contraire, they moved to an area where there were no customers to support them. They moved from the highly populated US-1 to the boondocks of 441/State Rd 7 probably due to a lower lease cost. But a lower lease means nothing if you don't have the local support. Almost everyone on here really liked Smokehouse. I know I loved it and we definitely miss it!

                                      Good one Frod!

                                      1. re: freakerdude

                                        NEw BBQ Truck sighting on 441 South of Sandlefoot in Boca, on East side, Have seen it a few times, but dont know what days it is there...Will be trying it soon enough though...

                                2. Dude. Go to BO LEG BBQ it's out of the parking lot of a laundromat (which means it's LEGIT!!).


                                  Best ribs I've ever had!!!!

                                  1. I second Tom Jenkins and also very highly suggest Blue Willy's truck by the Broward downtown Courthouse. Thursday's homemade brisket is like butter. The ribs are always stellar.

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                                    1. re: SouthFloridaFoodNerd

                                      Tom Jenkins is decent if you really have to have BBQ....that's fair (at best)....then TJ's works ok. I actually think the ribs at Renegade / Hard Rock are as good as TJs......but not by much.....I'd like to try Blue Willy's......especially the brisket.....South Florida just isn't the place for BBQ.....I'm thinking there aren't enough people here that know or understand what "real bbq" is....and think that places like Shorty's and Sonny's are 'real bbq"....and therein lies the problem.....Gotta go to Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse in Dallas.....or "The Salt Lick" in Austin, TX...to get an idea of what BBQ really is......For the record....I eat at both Sonny's and Shorty's....and I accept it for what it is.....but never confuse what they serve with 'real bbq'.....And please don't confuse real bbq and "caja china" either.....Like caja china!....but still not real BBQ.....

                                      Ft. Pierce, FL

                                      1. re: LargeLife

                                        I'd also like to add Rock N Roll Ribs for the best ribs i've ever had anywhere. Incidentally, I just had Salt Lick earlier this month (driftwood location). I thought the brisket (burnt ends portion was mostly inedible :( ) and the ribs were a little on the dry side, and the sausage was very kelbasa like. I think Blue Willy's is superior in every way. Same with Rock N Roll RIbs. Tom Jenkins has very good ribs & the best collard greens on earth.

                                        1. re: SouthFloridaFoodNerd

                                          SFN....I guess you need to come to my house for some brisket, ribs and pulled pork off my Big Green Eggs....:)

                                          Ft. Pierce, FL

                                          1. re: SouthFloridaFoodNerd

                                            Tom Jenkins ribs are OK for the area. These are naked ribs (no dry rub) from what I remember and smoked decently. Their sauce is an unusual variety with mainly molasses and soy. Their cornbread is so dry it gives me cottonmouth.

                                            I plan on checking out R&R next Friday on my way to Bank Atlantic Center.

                                            1. re: freakerdude

                                              What concert are you going to FD?? I know you went to the Judas Priest and Black Label Society Show - and ate at Sparky's! Which might be the best restaurant for real BBQ in Dade, Broward or Palm Beach Counties!

                                              I didn't win the Treasure Coast Rib Cook Off this year....as I had to work....but my wife won second place all by herself! Not too shabby!

                                              Ft. Pierce, FL

                                              1. re: LargeLife

                                                UFC is this Friday at BAC.

                                                Freakerdude, I respect your opinion...how about a report back on R&R? I've been wanting to check it out.

                                                1. re: LiveRock

                                                  Sounds good. I have had this visit to R&R Ribs (R3) planned for quite some time now but am finally making it happen. I will be going there on June 15th before Roger Water's The Wall concert. And yes EMac, I was there! Sparky's was a great start to the night.

                                                  1. re: freakerdude

                                                    Damn Freaker I am going to the same concert,,,,,got room for me at your table?

                                                    1. re: GatorFL

                                                      Anyone from Chowhound is openly invited to meet up Friday June 15 for pre-concert eats at Rock N Roll Ribs. CF Byrne said he might be there. I will be there around 545 to 6pm for sure. I will probably be wearing a black Tool t shirt but will definitely be sporting a shaved head and goat tee.

                                                      1. re: freakerdude

                                                        Yo, FD! Are you stopping by the Craft Beer & Burger Bash at PGA on Saturday? I thought I would ask since that's your neck of the woods! Me and the Mrs. will be there at 12 p.m./Noon sharp!

                                                        Ft. Pierce

                                                        1. re: LargeLife

                                                          I don't plan on it since I don't drink and I doubt I could eat $40 worth in burgers. it should be a good one though. The first ever Palm beach chili cookoff is happening at Meyer Amphitheater downtown WPB as well on Saturday 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and the competition is noon to 3 p.m. Tickets are $15 for adults. I've always wanted to enter one of these contests.


                                        1. re: The Chowfather

                                          Wow, Jacks Old South coming to Miami. That is huge. This is the real deal stuff. I've judged bbq competitions that he's been in. He's a little untraditional, using higher cooking heats, but his product is awesome.

                                          1. re: danb73

                                            This is big news indeed! I will definitely try this place out. If money didn't matter, I'd spend the $750 minimum to take his 2.5 day bbq class in Georgia.

                                            September 2012: Real BBQ is coming to Miami. Chef/Owner Myron Mixon will open his first Florida restaurant in Miami's Wynwood neighborhood at:

                                            2808 North Miami Avenue
                                            Miami, Florida 33127

                                            More details coming soon!

                                            1. re: freakerdude

                                              New BBQ Truck sighting on 441 in Boca Raton, South of Sandlefoot. He is only there weekends and might be there during the week over the summer. Tried to stop last weekend, at around 4 pm and he was sold out. Not sure if its cause he is good, or he just didnt prep enough.. Will let you all know next weekend.

                                              1. re: freakerdude

                                                This is exciting news....but I'll believe it when I see it....and TASTE IT!......Unless Myron Mixon himself is moving from Georgia to Miami and is going to be ON-SITE and running the joint personally.....I have my doubts....But I'll hope for the best!

                                                Ft. Pierce, FL

                                                1. re: LargeLife

                                                  I stopped in to his resto 10 years ago off I-95 around Perry, Ga (?) and it was good but nothing that I was completely amazed by. That one seems closed now and the only place he has is in Braselton, Ga. northeast of Hotlanta.

                                                  1. re: freakerdude

                                                    I checked out their site / location looked rather 'cutesey'.....But I'll keep an open mind and try it when it opens here.....Myron Mixon is an entertaining personality and he certainly knows how to smoke superior quality meats and the contest results are there.....But that doesn't always translate to restaurants....as commercial BBQ isn't easy......

                                                    He is selling his name....and it will be up to the people that franchise with him to make it happen.....Myron is an enterpriser.....no question about that.....

                                                    Ft. Pierce, FL

                                                    1. re: LargeLife

                                                      No one has mentioned Scruby's . They have three places in Broward, one in Tamarac on University Dr. at Commercial Blvd, one in Davie at 595 and Pine Island and one in Pembroke Pines not sure of the location. They have excellent Brisket and the baby backs are the best. I also like the smoked chicken. I eat there frequently and the never get a bad meal. It is a family owned joint that is the best I've had in South Florida.

                                          2. My wife just drove past Jack's on Oakland Park Blvd in FLL. She said it looked closed up.

                                            A phone call got the machine. Both machine and their website claim they are open Monday.

                                            So not sure what is going on there...