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Nov 6, 2011 12:01 AM

Brisbane - Please advise - Good supermarket with wine selection


I will spend 24 hours in Brisbane. As this is my first visit to Australia I need some advice. I like to go to a big supermarket and look for some gourmet stuff I can't find in Europe. I also would like to buy some good Shiraz (budget: max. AUD 20 for one bottle) Is Woolworths or Coles better? Is there a big supermarktet I can reach easily with public transport? I am staying near the airport.

Best regards,

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  1. Due to the peculiarities of liquor licencing in Australia, you can't actually buy alcohol from a supermarket. You need either a supermarket with a bottle shop attached, a bottle shop on separate premises owned by a supermarket, or an independent bottle shop. Fortunately you're never very far from one.

    There is a large Woolworths and a Dan Murphy (Woolworths owned bottle shop) in the Airport Village. Easy!

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      Great! Thank you!
      And the Dan Murphy's Homepage looks promising too.

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        Good advice from MrG to find the shops but Woolies (and other supermarkets) are not great for "gourmet" foods, and $20 isn't going to get "good" Shiraz even at Dan Murphy's as $20 is pretty much the mid point for mass market. If you want good allow $40+ - hopefully the DM's you visit with have a "Cellar" selection area which will have wines with a bit of age - most do - and decent Shiraz always benefits from a few years in the bottle.