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Nov 5, 2011 08:11 PM

Good bbq in Dublin (!!!)

In the shopping strip attached to the Shop 'n' bag is a new bbq place called Dancing Pig and it's Really, Really Good. They've got new restaurant syndrome in that they haven't got it all running smoothly yet, but who cares? The food is that good. It's the real deal. I've been there twice in two days (better not keep THAT up). The first time I got a smoked brisket sandwich (6.95- nice size, on a potato roll) and there was no sauce on it (didn't need it) but they offered me a choice of a cider vinegar-black pepper sauce or a Kansas City style (hope I'm not screwing this up) one which is a little sweet and dark with molasses, I think? The sides were way better than the bbq place in Doylestown, and a lot less expensive. The owners are a nice couple and I want all of you in the vicinity to go there and support good food in Dublin, which the town so desperately needs! Atmosphere is basic but pleasant. Only about five or six tables.

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  1. Thanks for the info rutabaga. My heart belongs to Daddy. (Smoke Daddy) but he is only open thurs-sat and it might be nice to dine in now that the weather is far from balmy. The problem is that Smoke Daddy has fried chicken on his winter menu. I'll try to get to Dancing Pig soon tho.

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      I passed by 2 weeks ago and they were not open. Glad to hear they are open and they do have a Face Book Page. Since I live in Perkasie, it is a hop, skip and a jump. I will make it my business to get over there and try it soon.

      1. re: teddybare

        The whole area has had real problems with power. I know Dublin lost power for quite a while with the blizzard, and there have been spot outages afterwards. (Not as bad as the poor folks in Upper Black Eddy .. but that is another story... ).

        1. re: cwdonald

          It's been unreal, I've heard of unbelievably looong outages in Quakertown and Bethlehem. Glad they are open.

          1. re: givemecarbs

            Oh, and I forgot to say that the second time I went (Saturday night near closing time (8)), all they had left was chorizo and ribs, so I got ribs. Oh, man. I got a half rack of each kind. One was their house kind with a dry rub and finished "with a light mop", and the other was salt and pepper.

            I've never enjoyed ribs so much. I took them home and kept saying "wow".

            I'll look for them on fb, teddybare. Eager to hear what others think of the place (you'll love it).

            1. re: rutabaga

              Well, I finally got to go to the Dancing Pig for lunch today. You knew it was going to be good, because when you walked in, all you could smell was BBQ! I had the BBQ Beef Brisket and Amish Potato Salad. The Brisket was moist with a nice bark, and sliced to perfection. The potato salad was fresh and had a nice taste. My wife had the pulled pork, and the cole slaw. The pulled pork was moist and juicy, and the cole slaw had " a nice kick". After lunch we spoke with the owners who are local to the area, and then they asked us to try a smoked chicken wing. The wings were meaty, moist and had plenty of smoke flavor, we did not even put any sauce on them, they did not need it.

              We cannot wait to go back to try the ribs!

              The area needed a nice BBQ Place, more than the 1 Day a week in Blooming Glen.

              1. re: teddybare

                Ooh, I'll have to try the wings. I agree about their stuff not needing sauce. It's so flavorful already.
                Tried their "pit beef" and it was just roast beef- not too exciting. They had a nice, kicky horseradish mayo though (from a jar-- why don't they make their own? It's so easy and probably less expensive). Anyway, they're very nice folks and I look forward to the collards they're going to have soon!

                1. re: rutabaga

                  Sorry to say, but I don't know if Dancing Pig is really worth the time.

                  I just had lunch there today and their stuff is definitely not on par w/ Daddy's.

                  First, some introductory stuff:

                  -Dancing Pig does not offer meats by the pound. An "order" of meat consists of between 1/4 and 1/3 pound of meat (From my experience, bank on it being closer to 1/4), and the price is the same whether you want it on a sandwich or not. Prices range from $5.49 for an order of pulled pork (which would make it between $16.47 and $21.96 per pound) to $6.59 for Beef Brisket (which would make it between $19.77 and 26.36 per pound). Needless to say, those prices are a little ridiculous.

                  -The sandwiches are priced on par w/ Daddy's, but definitely contain WAY LESS (like 1/2 less) meat.

                  Now, onto the reviews of the meats:

                  -The brisket was decent, although it had been shredded into small little pieces (usually this is done to hide the fact that the brisket is dry) instead of nice, thick slices like Daddy does. It had a nice crust on the outside and a good smoke flavor, but was bone dry. First bite gave me the hiccups. I'm a BBQ purist and usually eat the meat without sauce, but I had to reach for the sauce in order to eat this brisket. It just wouldn't have been enjoyable w/o the sauce... and still it wasn't all that great even w/ the sauce. Probably wouldn't order this again.

                  -The pulled pork was lacking smoke flavor and suffered from the same dryness issues as the brisket. Definitely would avoid this on future visits.

                  -The smoked chicken wings were delicious. Would definitely order those again. Meaty, perfectly cooked, thick smoke flavor, and at only 3.49 for 6, not all that badly priced.

                  -The ribs were a mixed bag. I ordered the Texas Style spare ribs (rubbed only w/ coarse black pepper and salt). The flavor was outstanding. Perhaps even better than that of Daddy's spare ribs. However, they were also dry, from sitting in the warming drawer for too long (at least that's why I think they were dry). They were also quite meager for spare ribs. For the price ($20), there was very little meat on each bone... especially compared to the gargantuan ribs you get @ Daddy's.

                  -The sides were nothing to write home about either. Beans were nothing special... definitely lacking in comparison to Daddys. Same story w/ the "Tex Mex Corn" (Like Daddys Fiesta Corn).

                  -They also had two sauces, a Carolina Vinegar-based sauce, and a St. Louis sweet brown-sugar & molasses type sauce. Both were nothing special in my book. I prefer Daddy's sauce to both.

                  One nice addition is the Dancing Pig Devil Dust... a rub that can be added to any meat to kick it up a notch without changing the flavor profile of the meat. Since I like things spicy, I found this to be a welcome addition.

                  All in all, I might go back to try it again after I give them a few weeks to work out the kinks (since they just opened), but as of now, I'd definitely stick to Smoke Daddys... and it's not even close.

                  1. re: sandlansd

                    Smoke Daddy has set the bar high. Anyone else letting Daddy cook their turkey for Thanksgiving this year?

                    1. re: givemecarbs

                      Hah! When I read the topic I thought: "Dublin, as in Ireland?" No, apparently it's Dublin, PA. Come down to Dublin, GA, where I live. We'll be having turkey from Southern Heritage BBQ. Of course, there's also Ricks BBQ, Martin's BBQ, Robinson's, Elenma, and, of course, the ubiquitous and crappy Sonny's.

                      1. re: givemecarbs

                        Yep. We're getting a turkey from Smoke Daddy's. Looking forward to it. If it's like everything else he does, it will be delicious.

                        1. re: sandlansd

                          Smoking my own turkey. Did a trial run 4 weeks ago. OMG!

                          1. re: teddybare

                            Guess I'll have to try Smoke Daddy's-- so many of you talking about it. Where is it?

                            1. re: rutabaga

                              Okay, I guess it's in Landsdale. BTW, the owner of Dancing Pig was a KCBS judge at some point. He was telling me about the criteria for rib judging there.

                              1. re: rutabaga

                                Daddy is in back outside the Eagles club in Lansdale. You don't have to be a member but this time of year it's best to call first. Had a nice chat with him this past saturday about drink holders. He he!