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Nov 5, 2011 07:58 PM

Not a place for fish taco's

Pacific Beach Fish House

I know this place has been getting good press but I went there and ordered 2 fish taco's for $10 only to find a piece of fish the size of my index finger.
When I asked what the weight was they said proudly 2 oz.
The flavor was good but 2 ounces????
Go to Oscars on Turquoise in Lajolla and get twice the fish for half the price.

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  1. "I know this place has been getting good press..." - Where ?

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    1. re: honkman

      It was promoted by the SteveWag Hype Machine; what more do you want?

      Seriously, one nearly year old thread probably isn't sufficient to be a "Chowhound favorite", but that is not what Larry said. They have a 4-star average on Yelp with over 180 reviews, and even though many of us question the accuracy over there, that is enough good reviews that I think it qualifies as good press.

    2. I love PB Fish House for tacos. I also love El Pescador and Blue Water, true. But something about PB Fish House has kind of hooked me.

      That said Tacos El Fenix in Ensenada is my current favorite, although it is an institution.

      PB Fish Shop
      1775 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA 92109

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      1. re: jayporter

        "Fish House has kind of hooked me."


        1. re: jayporter

          I'm curious Jay, what about PBFH gets you hooked? I've not been yet but, have looked at their menu online, nothing jumps out at me.

          1. re: cstr

            The corn tortillas are really good. The flavors of the toppings are, too. And the vibe is pleasant. At least this all has been the case when I've eaten there.

        2. Try the Baja Fish taco lunch special at Los Arcos if you are ever in the Chula Vista/Bonita area....$ 7.95, good size + lightly breaded, nice salad with tastey dressing, and garnished wit rice plus chips and tangy salsa. Very good.

          Los Arcos Restaurant
          , Chula Vista, CA 91910

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            1. re: jayporter

              They have various types--I usually stick with the basic Baja Fish taco platter which is lightly (and I do emphasize lightly, which is a positive) fried/breaded whitefish (usually a talapia). They have other varieties as well including smoked tuna, a bonita (grilled shrimp), and gobernadores (shrimp with melted white cheese). Food here is served in casual restaurant setting (not fast food) and is owned by the same group that has franchises throughout Mexico. If you want authentic baja seafood, restaurant qualty (not fast food and not an American chain--see Brigantines--trying to do Baja fish tacos or going heavy on the fried batter, you would probably like this place. Lunch specials are Monday-Friday, very reasonably priced. Off the beaten path but worth it IMHO.

          1. You mean the PB Fish Shop? If so, I haven't had the fish tacos, but have been several times for grilled fish sandwiches and all were delicious. Also had a perfectly grilled tasty scallop sandwich. No skimpy portions either.