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Nov 5, 2011 07:45 PM

The new Taylor Shellfish shop (@ Melrose Market). Great!

My french BF and I finally made it to the Melrose Market today (just a reasonable 12 minute walk from his flat on Capitol Hill, but we just has not made it there yet...). I had encouraged JF to go there for oysters, etc. rather than the QFC on Broadway, and had diagramned the location for him, but he had not got there.

So today, after some fun in Fremont picking out spec's at Eyes on Fremont for him, and lunch at Dot's (seperate, and not so good - sad to say! - review), we ended up at Melrose.

Perused the Rainshadow meat case - lovely, good cuts, good prices, NICE looking charcuterie.

Left that area, and got all. of. our. foodie. dreams. made. real. at TAYLOR SHELLFISH!!!!

They have a custom live holding tank for oysters people; today, they had 6 varieites, at the reasonable price of about a buck an oyster. Virginica, Olympia, Totten Inlet. Rack, bed and bag grown. Beautiful.

Staff helpful, fun to chat with, fully knowledgeable. They offer 1/2's and dozens shucked and served, and glasses of wine, and we couldn't help ourselves. ordered 12 and watched them shucked in front of us, with a great conversation about their oyster beds, and methods of collections. One handsome mand poured our wine, flirted in a nice way with me as a lady-with-her-man, can, while another guy did the shucking.

As the afternoon sun came in the windows, we sat there with the best, briny dozen we have EVER EATEN in any Seattle Resto, or spain, or France in the last 3 years we agreed. Tasting of sea and of the places they came from (and the places they came from were explained well, and easily, no tough resto waiter with an attitude, etc.). THE BEST!

The Sauv blanc was well chosen to go with them, and we thoroughly enjoyed the half hour we spent there. So much lovely oyster liquour in each briny bivalve... that seemed to me the difference between many oysters I have eaten in resto's around the world and these; watching the shuckers, I said - "your losing the liquid!" if they would turn it sideways when shucking... but when we got the dozen served to us, each was just perfect. No bits of shell, each shimmering in it's cradle. So fresh, so delicious. You must go.

I think the dozen was about $15 with shucking charge. Nice moment, nice place. Great staff.

We will be back... maybe tomorrow?

I want more oysters!

p.s. Let's also talk about Rainshadow meats. Loved the case goods, but, didn't purchase or shop there, so fellow chowhounds, chime in on your experiences. Curious what your experience has been.

Looked in Calf'n Kid case, and compared to print and online comments, thought it was a shallow selection, and they were not very fast to offer any tastes or help.... we walked on.

But, Taylor was AWESOME

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  1. I'm still awaiting your review of Dot's. I've had nothing but great experiences there and am really curious to hear about yours!

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    1. re: Bax

      I think I will post my Dot's review on an old 'Dot's " thread that I found that stopped mid-summer. I am loath to do so as our experience wasn't ggreat, and everyone else mostly only has awesome things to say...
      I may be chow-flogged! to be fair, I will go back and try again on a less busy day...

      1. re: gingershelley

        All the more reason to post. This board doesn't need consensus it needs honest experienced opinions.

    2. Really sorry to hear this about Calf & Kid. We strive to give every person amazing cheese and a wonderful experience selecting it. I hope you will give us the chance to do so next time you're in the market.

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      1. re: slavigne

        Thanks for noticing the comment. We will stop by again and mention the Chowhound connection slavigne..

      2. Sounds good! I have enjoyed the nice thick cut pork chops I've bought at Rainshadow, and once I bought some really nice rabbit liver pate they'd made. It went really well with the Columbia City Bakery pretzel rolls they sell. YUM. They told me the rabbit liver pate was a special item because they didn't have a steady rabbit supplier at that time, but it's been a while since I've been there.

        1. Love Rainshadow. Nice guys, great selection, all from happy animals. Just roasted a whole chicken from there yesterday. Brined it for 12 hours, let it dry for another 8, and roasted it plain but for an occasional basting of olive oil and fresh thyme. Really delicious. Haven't tried their charcuterie or steaks, but pork belly, shoulder, tenderloin, and racks have all been excellent. Slab bacon, too. Also, they will do special orders.