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Prepaired Thanksgiving Day Dinner - Metro Detroit

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Due to circumstances, I'm looking into buying a prepared turkey and all the fixins for this Thanksgiving. Totally new to this, so I'm looking for suggestions.

So far I've got two options:

HoneyBaked Ham - http://www.honeybakedtotherescue.com/...

Costco - http://www.costco.com/Browse/Product....

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  1. There was an article in the Detroit News this past week about the owner of Steve and Rocky's raising his own turkeys to sell for Thanksgiving. They're apparently both very good and pricey, but I'm pretty sure that there is no inexpensive way to buy a prepared Thanksgiving meal. I'd call ASAP if you're interested.

    1. http://www.groupon.com/deals/colasant...

      You'll have to snap up this coupon in the next day or so to get the deal. Colasanti's is a nice market.

      1. There are so many options out there it might help if we can narrow it down a bit:

        How many people to feed?
        Do you have an upper price limit?
        Do you have specific food requirements (organic/free-range/gluten-free, etc)
        Where are you and how far can you travel to pick up (or do you need delivery)?
        Do you have facilities to reheat or do you need it to be hot?

        Pretty much all the markets, high end to low, will have Thanksgiving packages: Whole Foods, Nino Salvaggio, Papa Joe's, Hiller's, Kroger, Meijer, you name it. Many restaurants have to-go packages as well. Here are a couple, both on the east side of town:


        Of your 2 suggestions, I always think Honeybaked (though tasty) is a little bit on the pricey side, and Costco's turkey-dinner-in-a-box doesn't really seem like that great a deal ($149 for a turkey + 4 sides) because you're paying for the shipping. Even subtracting the $20 Costco card you'd get, I think you could do better locally.

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          Answers to your questions:

          6 people to feed, some leftovers would be good.
          $150 (-$20 cash card) is Ok.
          No food requirements, other than tasting good.
          Delivery is not mandatory. I live in Canton and could pick up locally. Probably wouldn't want to drive more than 1/2 hour, so east side is out.
          Reheating is fine.

          Although I love HoneyBaked Ham, their Turkey Breast is nowhere as good, to me. Maybe the whole Turkey is better

          I've looked at Kroger, Meijer, web sites and could not find anything. Maybe it's too early?

          Whole Foods has a number of options, looking at them now.

          From what the article (in the Freep, by the way) said, the turkeys are fresh and dressed, not prepaired.

          The Colasanti's deal looks good, but Highland would take almost an hour.

          Thanks to all.

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            You could start with your local markets: Holiday Market, Hillers, Buschs. Even though they may not have anything on their websites, I am sure they do this and there will be something in their weekly ads very soon with package deals.

            The Freep runs a listing every year of restaurants that will be serving Thanksgiving dinner; I believe they also mention which of them have carry-out available. Probably be in the paper this week.

            Here's one caterer in Northville that, though I've never ordered Thanksgiving from them, I've had good luck with in the past:


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              I was going to suggest Holiday Market as well...

              I've been happy with 99% of the prepared food I've gotten from them

              1. re: coney with everything

                Then may I kindly suggest that you avoid buying one of their lemon meringue pies? It's possible that they're not made in-house, but whether they are their own recipe/creation or not, the result's the same: that's some *lousy* lemon meringue pie. Avoid.

                1. re: boagman

                  OK :)

                  If I'm buying a pie, it's either the massive Costco $3.99 pumpkin pie (which I actually like), or something Achatz

        2. Going for the truly pedestrian here: Kroger is advertising a meal to feed 10-12 for $79.95.

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            That said, a question: are you really going to trust dressing and mashed potatoes to catering?

          2. Hello, Ken,

            This is Kroger's ad for this week. Please scroll to very bottom of page for their Thanksgiving Dinner options:


            Hope that your Thanksgiving dinner, whatever it may be, is wonderful and enjoyed with all of those dear to you. Happy Thanksgiving!

            1. Dickie's BBQ offers holiday meals: http://www.dickeys.com/catering/holid...
              Here's what some Hounds had to say about Dickies regular food, if in case you're interested: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/798187

              Of course, their only location in the metro is Troy, so it might be too far for you to want to drive.

              1. Smoked turkey is a bit gray, skin wise, and a bit pink, breast meat wise. Great for a sandwich, but takes some getting used to for a whole centerpiece. A good smoked turkey certainly is better than a lame roast turkey.
                Gooddog and jjspw mention smoked turkey places. If you are interested, there is a closer place--Roperti's in Livonia. Is it better? I don't know. I've had their fresh (raw) birds and they were wonderful. I would guess that they start with better birds, but that Lazybones and Dickies do a bit better job with the smoking. Just a guess.

                PS--Please don't buy crap side dishes. I'm horrified by a couple of the names thrown around. Make or buy decent ones as you come upon the options over the next couple weeks, freeze them, and then defrost/reheat them on Thanksgiving day.

                1. For quality and value, you can't beat Schoolcraft College's culinary arts department. They do everything but the mashed potatoes and gravy. At this late date, they may be all booked up.

                  If you go there, get extra dressing and hide it from your guests. Their pumpkin cheesecake is also an amazing extra.

                  1. Truly appreciate all the helpful replies.

                    - Checked with the Holiday Market in my neck of the woods, in Canton (not related to the one in R.O.). They have roasted turkey for $3 a pound and a variety of side dishes for $4 a pound. After doing a little math, it looks about $100-$120. They have a good reputation locally.

                    - Roperti's. I used to live in Livonia at 5 & Farmington, and have bought fresh turkeys from Roperti's. They were always very good, but I didn't know they did smoked turkeys. That is an option I hadn't considered.

                    - Schoolcraft is another option I hadn't considered. They have a great reputation and I'll give them a call.

                    - Never heard of Edwards in Northville, but I'll give them a call, too.

                    Thanks again. As expected, lots of good info to be found here.

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                    1. re: Ken H

                      Today's Detroit News website has a list of restaurants with carryout T'day dinner. Some I hadn't thought of

                    2. Checkout LazyBones ... perhaps they are doing something.

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                      1. re: rainsux

                        Yes, they are, but are too far away.

                      2. To wrap up this topic, I ended up ordering from Holiday Market in Canton. I'll report back with results after the holiday.

                        Thanks again to all for your help.

                        Happy Holidays!

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                        1. re: Ken H

                          Here's what I ordered from Holiday Market, in Canton, Lilly & Cherry Hill:

                          12-14 lb Roasted Turkey
                          2 lb Mashed Potatoes
                          2 lb Sweet Potatoes
                          1 lb Turkey Gravy
                          1 lb Green Beans Almondine
                          1 lb Herb Stuffing
                          1 lb Sausage Stuffing

                          The total with tax was ~$120.

                          I think everything was made from scratch.

                          Turkey was very good, tender and moist.
                          Mashed Potatoes were fine, a little less butter and milk than I would have.
                          Sweet Potatoes were very good, nicely seasoned and with maple syrup (I think) or brown sugar.
                          Turkey Gravy was fine, not as much giblets as I would have.
                          Green Beans Almondine was very good, nice touch of garlic, al dente.
                          Herb & Sausage Stuffing was fine, not quite up to the rest of the meal, but the Sausage Stuffing actually got better the next day!

                          All in all, I can recommend this as a good alternative for those who aren't cooking for themselves.

                          The one thing we did make was the cranberry sauce.

                          Thanks to everyone for all the suggestions, and Happy Holidays to one and all!