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Nov 5, 2011 05:52 PM

Jacques Pepin vegetable soup with poached egg recipe form the mid 1990's

I'm looking for a Jacques Pepin recipe and I can't seem to find it anywhere. It was on the cooking show he had at the time, and he served it with parmesan crisps. anyone? help!

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  1. This is my primary complaint about Jacques Pepin. You see these great things on TV and then you say well I want that recipe. And you never have any clue what book it is in. I've stopped watching his show because of this. It is frustrating. I emailed them once about it.

    1. Have you looked in the newly-released "Essential Pepin"? It is over 600 recipes - I imagine it is in there.

      @drake0388 - The KQED website has a lot of the more recent shows' recipes. There are other TV chefs - e.g. Lidia Bastianich - whose recipes are shared online far less than M. Pepin's are.

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        I thumbed through Essential Pepin at Costco ($24 there) but resisted temptation. I did notice a few vegetable soup recipe titles in the index though they did not mention poached egg, which may well have just been an additional fillip for the TV show.