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Nov 5, 2011 05:07 PM

Center City, large group with kids

We are heading to Philly (from Boston) for the marathon and will be there for a few days. We have 6 adults and 2 kids and are staying at the Sheraton Center City. We have a wide variety of tastes and are looking for some great food within walking distance, Philly seems to have some great options, just looking to narrow it down. We found some great places, but they all seemed to be a bit of a long walk, we do have the two little kids with us.... Thanks!

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  1. What is your definition of a long walk? And what ages are your children? My first suggestion was going to be Chinatown (even though I know that Boston has a fabulous chinatown... ) but the restaurants are very kid friendly.

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      We have a 2 and 4 year nothing more than a ten minute walk I'd say. Sadly, I think that some of the other people in our group would prefer American or Italian fare. Yes, Boston's Chinatown has some great options! We are trying Dandelion on Sunday...hoping to find something that also takes reservations for Saturday...

    2. if Mexican is ok, El Vez on 13th st would be good if you go on the early side. for Italian, Giorgio's on Pine might work. neither is the best in its respective cuisine but should be good for kids and take reservations.

      Supper and Percy Steet BBQ on South St could work too, they are bigger places with accessible menus. Might be a little farther than a 10 min walk with kids. Supper also does a nice brunch.

      1. According to Google maps, you will be a six-minute walk from Sabrina's Cafe in the Fairmount neighborhood. Anyone know if it's kid-friendly in the evening?


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          A couple of other suggestions: Continental Midtown... fusion cuisine in an old diner. Very kid friendly. Also Marathon Grill you have two locations close by 16th and Sansom or 19th and Market. Burgers and sandwiches.

          Parc on Rittenhouse square might be doable too. French bistro style food. Barry's suggestions about El Vez are great. El Rey is another Mexican style restaurant I have definitely seen kids in. Pizzaria Stella on Headhouse square might be another location in addition to Percy Street. And you could also consider Reading Terminal Market.

        2. Thanks everyone, I will check out these out! Yes, we had a rec for Sabrinas but they don't take reservations...with two kids and what I assume to be larger than normal crowds for the marathon we def want a reservation.