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Nov 5, 2011 04:54 PM

Eating Korean at Kabuki

A few days ago my son and I had dinner at Kabuki in Eden Prairie. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I had read some pretty negative reviews, and some great reviews. I have not had Korean food before and wanted to try a few dishes. Since I was driving by Kabuki anyway, we decided to give it a try, a little unsure as we pulled into an empty parking lot just as they opened for dinner.

As other diners arrived, I noticed they were all asian. The hostess seemed to know them. Good omens, I thought. The waiter gave us two menus, one Japanese and one Korean. From the Korean menu we selected Bul Go Gi and Bibimbap (they call it Bibim Bob) Hot Pot, with a little help from the waiter, who was very helpful. The Bul Go Gi arrived sizzling and came with six little side dishes. The Bibim Bob arrived in a large, very hot stone bowl. The waiter showed us how to mix the Bibim Bob and served it to us in individual bowls.

Since I haven't had Korean before, I can't compare their dishes to other restaurants, but both were really good. The Bul Go Gi was tasty and sizzling hot. The Bibim Bob also very good. In the hot stone bowl, the rice gets a little crusty on the bottom, which I liked. I think I'm hooked on Korean now.

Overall, I would go again. The service was very friendly and helpful. The food I thought was really good. I would recommend you try it if in the area.

Kabuki Restaurant
6534 Flying Cloud Dr, Eden Prairie, MN 55344

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  1. Thanks for this report - I didn't realize that Kabuki had Korean dishes. I love hot-stone-bowl dishes (discovered them in Toronto), so I'm glad to hear of a place in town that does this. And it's always good to know about alternatives to chain food in Eden Prairie.

    1. Good to know. Kate and I will have to check out Kabuki. We were spoiled when we lived in Washington DC--often traveling to Annandale for some late night Korean food.

      Re: Negative Reviews... It just shows you can't always trust these user reviews.

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        I have had inconsistent Korean there. Not as good as Dong Yang but not bad for the western exurbs.