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Any good Cafes in Montreal?

ziadm92 Nov 5, 2011 02:49 PM

for hanging out and studying.

The location must be in downtown Montreal, between MetCalfe and Guy, no further (and sherbrooke and stcatherine).
Im on a tight budget, so no pricy cafes, a couple of bucks will do it, especially if i want to hang out there basically everyday.

Thanks alot i appreciate it.

P.S is there by any chance a cafe close to cafe nervosa (the cafe form Frasier), thnx again.

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    Fintastic RE: ziadm92 Nov 5, 2011 04:30 PM

    You're fortunate that probably the best cafe (in terms of coffee) is within that rather small area of the city. Cafe Myriade on Mackay can't be beat. Its prices are standard: 2.50 espresso, about the same for brewed coffees. 3.50-4 for caps and lattes. The only issue is that its small and increasingly busy, so finding a table can be tricky in the afternoon... also its not exactly quiet. There's not much else I'd recommend within the area, and I can't think of anything particularly similar to Nervosa..

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      berbatov RE: Fintastic Nov 5, 2011 07:47 PM

      Myriade definitely has great coffee, but I'd personally feel bad spending 4 bucks and taking up a table in that tiny space for hours to study, especially for the next 6 months as the terrace will be closed. It's a small business that needs quick turnover...it's not a huge place with a thousand locations like Starbucks or Second Cup. If you want to take up a table for a while, sacrifice better coffee and just go to run of the mill chains. When you want to enjoy a good coffee, go to Myriade.

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        deadchildstar RE: berbatov Nov 6, 2011 07:14 AM

        Agreed about Myriade - but people do sit there for a few hours. I have, though I drink a lot of coffee, I don't just nurse one for a few hours. Bigger drawback is the noise-level? I still like it.

        On Bishop you'll find Kafein (kafein.ca) - more spacious than Myriade, coffee prices about the same, though their sandwiches are pricey (but good). Crowded during lunch time. They serve Saint Henri coffee.

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