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50+ Taps for Husband

My Husband Loves Craft Beers and Places with 50+ taps or more so I am making a list for him and hoping to try them all eventually I already know about Monk's in Philly, The Drafting Room in Exton, The Iron Abbey in Horsham and Isaac Newton's in Newtown, PA. We've also been to Standard Tap and Philly Taphouse. Thanks!

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  1. If I were you I would look for places with QUALITY beer selection.. not the criteria of 50 plus beer handles... that number of handles sometimes means the beers are not fresh.

    I would suggest you add Teresa's in Wayne, and Capones in East Norriton to your list of places for your husband, as well as the Craft Ale House in Limerick.

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      Was thinking Capone's when I read the title. :)

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          Pub on Passyunk East. The place me kind of a dump, and I would not go there at night due to the crowd of hipsters, but the beer selection may be the best in the city. 13 taps, not your run of the mill micros, usually 3-4 really special brews. They constantly rotate so you never know what's on tap.

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            With all due respect, what would make it best in the city compared to the likes of Standard Tap, Memphis Tap Room, Monks, Khyber Pass, SPTR, Alla Spina, or Farmers Cabinet... what do you consider a special brew that you have seen there?

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              I think it's the variety that may put them on the top of my list. Some of the others have a narrower focus (belgians, italian, german, locals). About a month or so ago, they had Pliny the Younger on tap, all day Saturday and Sunday.

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                Thanks for the heads up. Having Pliny on tap for two days is amazing.. and really sounds like it is driven by lack of awareness because most places sell out Pliny in hours if not minutes.

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                  Yes, there was zero publicity, and those that were there kept tight lipped. But I was really suprised to see still on the next day.

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                    How much were they charging for it?

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                      I think it was $8 for an 8 oz pour.

        2. CIty Tap House would meet the criteria.

          1. Monk's doesn't have 50 taps, does it? he should check out Varga Bar, only a dozen taps or so but great selection of American micros and they always cycle them when they kick.

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              I think you're right, I think Monk's has about 20 taps. They are very concentrated on Western European beers(largely in the Belgian style). It is one of the best bars in the area if you're looking for European beers of the Belgian and Lambic styles, though. I think they also have a few sours on tap right now. Depends on what he likes.

              Varga Bar also has a pretty good selection as well. Pretty good mix of locals and other American beers.

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                Also hit Farmer's Cabinet, not 50 taps but lots of exotic European beers I haven't seen anywhere else.

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                  Farmer's Cabinet is a great spot. They also brew a lot of their own beer and have very good cocktails.

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                    FWIW they are brewing their stuff off site in Virginia. The great Terry Hawbaker formerly of Bullfrog is doing their brewing. I have only been their once, but had a terrific saison .

            2. Cmad since you are in Frenchtown, you might also take a look at a few of the bars in Central Bucks. Candlewyck in Buckingham has an ok tap selection but a great bottle selection (which is going to double when they get the new bottle room). In Doylestown, M.O,M's, Stephanies, and Mesquito Grill all have good beer selections. You get a decent german beer selection at Otto's in Horsham (food is mediocre... ). Also on the Jersey side in Lambertville I really like the Inn of the Hawke.

              Inn of the Hawke
              74 S Union St, Lambertville, NJ 08530

              1. The Irish Pol on 3rd St. in Old City has somewhere around 40 taps and always has some solid stuff there.

                1. Thank you everybody! You are right, its not so much 50+ taps that I was looking for. QUALITY is better than quantity but sometimes the larger the quantity the better choices. My husband is a Beer Snob. He currently favors Magic Hat and other quality craft beers but they are so hard to find sometimes. I am hoping to try Teresa's or Capone's this weekend. And then Farmer's Cabinet or Varga next weekend! Or do you have better suggestions. I just found this list,
                  can anybody second The Dandelion, Fork & Barrel or Johnny Brenda's?

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                    Fork & Barrel is gone but the owners have a new place: Farmer's Cabinet. It's probably has the most exotic lineup in the area with lots of really rare European microbrews, and they also have a private label brewed for them in Virginia. http://www.thefarmerscabinet.com/ (this is mentioned upthread too


                    Johnny Brenda's has a good draft selection but it is exclusively local brews.

                    Dandelion has some interesting British stuff on draft and cask, but other than that, nothing special.

                    Another place not mentioned above: Devil's Den in South Philly. Nice selection of quality drafts, always interesting stuff on tap at good prices, and even better, everything is half off for Happy Hour. Probably the best beer happy hour in the city.

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                      Well we will be in Center City Philly Next Sunday so I hope to try Farmer's Cabinet or Varga as I mentioned above. Thank you for your suggestions!

                  2. A great resource for a local beer lover is www.phillytapfinder.com.

                    It's generally pretty accurate, and it'll give him a chance to scout what he'll find at a lot of the top area beer bars.

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                      Thanks for the link! This is great! There are a few beers we really like and have a hard time finding and they are on the list! Wonderful resource...of course we'll call before we go for the ones that are a 'destination'.

                    2. 48 beers on tap at Irish Mile in Haddon across the river.

                      1. Farmer's Cabinet (Philadelphia) has ~20 Taps, European craft beers on tap.
                        Boiler Maker (Philadelphia) has total of 40 (12 local and 28 non-local craft taps).

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                          We went to Farmer's Cabinet but we never got to try anything due to the insanely poor service!
                          They only had a handful of tables but after waiting twenty minutes just for our drinks, we decided to leave. We ended up going to Tria and found it to be a happy medium for my husband the beer snob and myself the wine drinker. If only they had more food to offer. Also would love to find more places like Tria. To top it off, their service was over the top! I've never such great generosity!