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Nov 5, 2011 01:35 PM

Indian "easy" / microwave meals

Has anybody tasted the delight of these? I'm talking about boxed, ready to eat meals from the Indian section of your supermarket or your local South Asian grocery store, manufactured by such names as Deep Foods, Kohinoor, Gits, and others.

Most I have tasted so far have been absolutely delicious. They usually don't need freezing and if you read the ingredient list, contain almost all ingredients found in nature. They're cheap, too, if you find them at an Indian grocery store: usually $1.99 / box (which makes one meal...rice usually not included), but I've seen them on sale for "two for $2" before. They're no replacement for homemade or restaurant Indian food, of course, but it seems like of all cuisines, Indian food takes best to ready-to-eat meals. I can speculate why this is - Indian food emphasizes spice mixes, which are easily stored, rather than the freshness of the original ingredients.

So, have you tried the convenient goodness that comes in Indian microwavable / ready-to-eat meals?

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  1. There was a brand called "Tasty Bite" (vacuum-packed) that Trader Joe's stocked a while ago, and about half of them were fairly good and quite inexpensive.

    These days, I'm addicted to Trader Joe's Butter Chicken (frozen)...made in Canada and reliably B+ seems more like a Tikka Masala to me, but the rice (Basmati) is good and the chicken better than anything I've found in America frozen foods of late.

    1. I haven't tried any - multiple food allergies - but I buy these quite frequently for my younger brother who lives in the middle of nowhere and doesn't really have access to this type of foods. He is pretty fond of the Tiger Tiger brand - there have been a few he didn't like (I think these were both rice noodles and sauce in a microwaveable dish) but overall, he's had good things to say. He's tried several of the simmer sauces and a few flavors of the two person meals that have rice and sauce in separate microwaveable pouches - I actually picked up five more boxes of those for him today at the bent and dent store.

      1. I tried my favorite single item recently: Mehda Vada (Dal Donuts), made by Deep Foods under their 'Recipes of Udupi' line. 30 seconds in the microwave followed by pan frying in oil until browned. So quick and easy, cheap, and very successful.

        Their commercial at this link is pretty funny: