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Nov 5, 2011 12:43 PM

Dinner Party of the Year

This December my wine club friends and a few others will be celebrating the Christmas season (and my December B-day) with a truffle theme dinner in my home. I'm starting to build the menu so I thought I would post here for suggestions and feedback. It looks like we're going to get one large white (from Alba) and a few winter blacks (from Umbria) to go with the assorted courses. Wines will be limited to Champagne, Red and White Burgundy, and Nebbiolo from Piedmont (Barbaresco and Barolo). This will be a tasting menu type dinner with pairings.

Amuse Buche: Dried sour cherry and 3 month Manchego wrapped in a thin slice of Duck Prosciutto on a toothpick.

Salad: Endive, toasted walnuts, blue cheese, fig, vinaigrette

1st Course:
Risotto (French Laundry Recipe) with shaved white truffle

2nd course:
Miso Black Cod on braised baby bok choy and Chinese shitakes, topped with shaved black truffle

3rd course:
Uova da Ravioli (Batali's recipe)

4th course:
Braised Veal Breast on Polenta (French Laundry) topped with a wild mushroom ragu and shaved black truffle

5th course:
Dessert (see my other post)

Espresso w/biscott

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    1. Looks good, in fact very good
      Two years ago I did a big NYEve dinner for 20 people that my FIL did a wine with each course and I did a beer
      I don't remember the wines, but I remember my menu

      First: Tuna sashimi with daikon, fresh grated ginger and a soy dipping sauce. Beer---Unibroue-Blanche de Chambly

      Second: Pan seared scallops on a trio of bacon/mushroom/onion stuffed mini bell pepper and fried mushrooms. Beer---Fuller's- London Pride

      Third: Grilled mango and crispy baked prosciutto with herb ricotta and mango coulis. Beer---Weihenstephaner- Original

      Fourth: Parmesan polenta with black truffles and shrimp with pineapple habanero sauce. Beer--- Unibroue- La Fin du Monde

      Fifth: Seasoned ground lamb skewers with cucumber mint couscous and cucumber yogurt dipping sauce. Beer---Brouwerij Verhaeghe- Duchesse de Bourgogne

      Sixth: Wagyu beef tenderloin with porcini/portabella mushroom risotto topped with white and black truffles. Beer---Wychwood's- Hobgoblin

      Seventh: 3 Year aged Blue Stilton, 2 year aged French Comte, 3 year aged Australian white cheddar, some curry cashews and 3 year aged Parmesan with a drizzle of maple syrup. Beer--- Flying Dog- Gonzo Imperial Porter

      Eighth: Crème Brule in a sugar cookie tartlets on a bed of mixed berry compote. Beer--- Rogue- Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout