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Nov 5, 2011 12:04 PM

Speaking of Atwater Crossing...

Well it's likely no one was speaking of Atwater Crossing, it's a neighborhood a mile or so from me that I never even knew existed. Between Glendale and Fletcher, just south of San Fernando, but not accessible from San Fernando is a little neighborhood with two community theaters, a loft development, lots of industry looking offices, and a restaurant called Atwater Crossing that just started dinner service this week.

They have a Mediterranean menu with mostly flatbreads, a couple of sides (we had cous cows) and a "Kobe" burger on a flatbread bun. The space is huge with a stage, a large outdoor patio, two covered patios, two bars, and an indoor counter. Decently put together, although a bit uneven and a little sparse, I guess that's to be expected from what looks like a first venture in a large space.

We ate with a view of the wood burning oven and saw the freshly prepared flatbreads being made. A nice combination of flavors on everything we tried, although the two flatbreads and the cous cous all suffered from a bit too much. A little too much garlic, a little too tart, a bit too much dried spice.

Besides some minor adjustments that I think could be made to the food, the staff was great and accommodating, the place looks like a lot of fun later on, and we had a good meal with some good beer and wine.

Atwater Crossing 3245 Casitas Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90039

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  1. Ate there today for brunch-had a great berry brioche french toast w/ vanilla marscapone on the side, tons of fresh berries and pistachios.
    Also had a spinach/bacon/goat cheese flatbread w/ 2 over easy eggs on top-yum !!!
    My daughter had pancakes, nice & fluffy w/ 2 eggs & bacon& a side of breakfast potatoes that were really well seasoned.
    Fresh squeezed orange juice & a homemade chocolate biscotti.
    Great space, kid friendly, good for groups. Lots of breakfast items and flat breads, there was a corned beef hash w/ eggs special that looked really good.
    Very friendly & prompt service.

    1. Perfect on a mild morning, the patio is open and airy and quite relaxing... VERY kid-friendly. You order at the counter and they bring the food. I got the impression they cook various foods in the order the chef wants to cook them. Like they only have one burner or something. For example, all the egg dishes come out at once to all the different tables. So one person at the table has food. Then, as they're about half way through their meal, all the pancakes come out. So the next person gets to eat. Then ten minutes later, all the flatbreads come out., and so on. Lesson here: Order to share. Then everyone eats together. Despite this, the servers are completely charming and helpful, and they somehow pull it off.

      There are about a dozen whole leaf teas you can order, and they bring a little pot of it. I had the Chinese Breakfast tea, which had a wonderful tea flavor without any bitterness. There's also hibiscus, chamomile, Earl Grey, etc.

      The frittata came out first. It's oven baked, light and very moist with San Marzano tomatoes, mushrooms, zucchini and cheese. It's served with a small plain flatbread, which is delicious. The potatoes served alongside are forgettable, which is a good thing because you only get about 2 tablespoons. It also comes with a little fruit which is a good palate cleanser.

      Perfectly offsetting the light mild flavor of the frittata is the lamb flatbread. I would drive across town for this dish (which is a good thing because this place is across town from everywhere). The first bite explodes with flavor as the Morrocan spices grab your attention. Then in less than an instant, the flavor of the lamb itself and the pomegranate-mint pesto hit you. Next, as you chew down, you realize the flatbread itself has a nice firm, but not chewy texture, and a pleasing flavor. All the while, the feta cheese works to add body and blend the other flavors together, and finally you get the Sriracha with a ZING driving you lustily to the next bite. Wow.

      As CLS mentioned, this restaurant is not on the way to anything. In fact, it's surrounded on three sides by railroad tracks and the LA River. It's the ultimate neighborhood restaurant. But they've now been open for a year, and they had customers on a Saturday morning. So it looks very promising. And I'll be back for sure.

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      1. re: lil mikey

        That lamb flatbread is really really good. I didn't realize that there was sriracha in there (I think that explains the mystery flavor). As you described, the flavors are layered and each bite reveals different tastes. I also tried the mushroom flatbread and liked that quite a bit as well. A really nice mushroom-y flavor with herbs and cheese. It wasn't as unique as the lamb but very comforting.

        I've only been once, but the space is really nice and the crowd was an interesting mix of all types of folks (they also hold arts events there as it is part of a live/work artist community). Very casual and friendly. It seemed like many of the people there were regular customers (I waited @ the counter in front of the open kitchen for my flat breads and saw that the staff knew quite a few of the people in line). While I was waiting, lots of egg dishes were going out (it seemed like most people were ordering breakfast) and they looked good.

        I have to disagree that this restaurant is not on the way to anything. If you live/work in NE LA, it's on the route from LA to Glendale through Silver Lake via Glendale Blvd. I used to work in Miracle Mile and live in Mt. Washington and would commute that way home (mostly) and that would have been a great option to pick up food or stop off during my commute (minor detour).

        Besides being a great neighborhood place for folks in Atwater Village, it's very close to Glendale, Glassel Park, Frog Town, Silver Lake and Echo Park. But, lucky for me, I have a class Saturday mornings in Glendale and it's right on my way back home to Ktown and this post reminds me that I need to go back and check out ATX further---thanks for the reminder!

        1. re: LAgirl2

          I guess by "not on the way to anything" I mean: you can't get there from San Fernando, you have to make a series of turns and u-turns from Fletcher, although you can sort of wind your way there via Glendale though a residential neighborhood before you're stopped from continuing North by streets that all dead end at railroad tracks.
          It's a pretty obscure locale.

          1. re: cls

            Your right, it's not on any sort of main street and nobody would likely stumble upon it unless they were going to an art opening/performance in the complex. But it's roughly halfway between Glendale and Fletcher (but no access from San Fernando), so it's not that out of the way if you know it's there and live or commute through the area.

            Golden Road Brewery is in a similar location off of the same railroad tracks, but closer to Burbank and they seem to be pulling in lots of people in spite of the location. (Although they are right off San Fernando with easy access to either the 5 or 134 fwys.) I like the beer, the space is great (nice place to hang out on a weekend afternoon), but the food could be much better.

          2. re: LAgirl2

            M favorite thing about this place is that the train roars through there just feet from the dining room window.

            Besides, it's my [relatively] new neighborhood. And I love the train whistles at night.

            I've been for a pot of green tea ... no food.