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What goes with Pistachio Gelato

For a dinner party next month, I would like to make David Lebovitz's Pistachio Gelato recipe but Im at a bit of a loss on what to serve it with.

I want something pastry like but not chocolate. I've seen it served with Baklava but I'm thinking something more like Individual Sticky Toffee Puddings sitting in a pool of Caramel sauce, topped with Pistachio Gelato and a piece of Pistachio brittle stuck in the gelato. Also, I'm looking for something that will have some wow factor on the plate.

Any other ideas?

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Spoon.

    Pistachio gelato, when made rights, is so perfectly fine on its own why clutter up the perfection with anything else.

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      I agree - the toffee and caramel will fight the pistachio. I'd go with Pistachio biscotti, or even just a slice of pound cake. If you want it to look more "restaurant", cut a large round out a slice of pound cake and put the scoop of ice cream on top to fit. Crush the brittle and sprinkle around the plate.

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        Me too, agreed. Just a simple butter cookie, dipped in chocolate, or maybe an Italian orange scented cornmeal cookie, a few pistachios on the plate for garnish, and the pistachio brittle would suit me fine. Don't mess with perfection.

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          I second the Italian cornmeal cookie (although I do mine scented with vanilla and half-dipped in dark chocolate)!

    2. Or just some butter cookies and little pieces of your brittle on the side.

      1. Ok. Know you want wow factor and my last suggestion probably doesn't have that.

        How about butter cookies made in a size that would fit in he bottom of ramekins. Put your gelato in the ramekins so you can unmold into little things with the cookie on the bottom. Top with your pistachio brittle shards.

        1. Biscotti? Maybe chocolate or latte version.
          I know you said no chocolate, but a quality piece of dark chocolate would work for me. One nice square.

          1. Another thought: parfaits with your gelato alternated with something else, maybe a vanilla ice cream, for contrast. Then topped with the chards. Maybe a little canoli cookie stuck in?

            Or, take a ring mold. Alternate your pistachio gelato and vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt. Unmold and top with your pistachio brittle pieces. Butter cookies on the side. And if you want something added, put fresh fruit in the middle of the unmolded frozen ring, maybe strawberries or mango slices. That would be easier to serve than dinking around with individual ramekins at the last minute. And the alternating green and white unmolded ring, maybe with gold mango in the middle. Would also be really pretty, I think.

              1. Shortbread cookies with salted pistachios inside. Form the gelato into large quenelles and the cookies into triangles, which you can then stab into the top of each quenelle.

                1. i understand the desire of something to "go with" for pairing and presentation. i would still go simple.

                  personally, i would Pistachio Tuiles/Florentines, serve the gelato in a martini glass with a couple of rolled tuiles sticking out like straws :)

                  1. I think karykat has a good idea with fresh berries- you could slice a strawberry very thin for each serving and fan it out, with two or three blueberries casually placed round about. Really more a garnish than a main element, but a nice visual contrast & a taste break nonetheless, a bit of tartness to complement the sweet richness of the gelato. A mint leaf or two, perhaps even a scattering of coarse salt. Maybe a little swirl of creme fraiche and another of raspberry sauce across the plate under all. Or a small dollop of fresh whipped cream- it's hard to go wrong with that.

                    Perhaps the sauce swirl thing would be too 1990's... it was just a passing thought.

                    1. I pretty much agree with leaving the gelato alone. If anything, maybe make a nice candy honeycomb to crumble around it?

                      1. Pistachio & Cranberry White Chocolate Bark piercing the gelato. Done. It needs no more.

                          1. My husband tried this the last time we had Pistachio Gelato in the house for a dinner party and it was actually really really good. He put a big scoop of Pistachio Gelato in a bowl, and just sprinkled it with a bit of fruit and nut muesli and just a drizzle of Prugna (a Northern Italian liquor of prune flavoured grappa)

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                              That sounds good and the liqueur sounds really interesting too. I had never heard of it. I bet the prune mellows out the grappa.

                              I still like my ring mold idea because it looks dramatic before you serve it but is really simple.