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Nov 5, 2011 11:48 AM

St Elizabeth allspice dram

Where can I find St Elizabeth allspice dram around here, preferably close to Lexington?
Just heard about it, and it sounds great!


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  1. An important Tiki cocktail ingredient. Not sure where I got mine, but I recall most recently seeing it at Liquor Land near Newmarket Square. Also think I've seen it at Martignetti's in Brighton.

    1. Mine came from Bauer on Newbury. Glad you brought it up, "pimento dram" is a nice thing to have for winter cocktails.

      1. if you can't find it, you might be able to make do with some Velvet Falernum in a pinch

        1. I bought my bottle at Downtown Wine and Spirits in Davis Sq.
          I think I've seen it at Cirace's in the North End as well.

          1. They carry this at Cambridge Wine & Spirits in Fresh Pond, not too far from Lexington.

            Cambridge Wine & Spirits
            202 Alewife Brook Pkwy, Cambridge, MA 02138