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John Andrew's in Egremont....really?? Need some CH's opinions please!

Hey CH's....
Just took some family members from out of town to "wow" them at JA's....and while the food was very good (three of us had the farm to table set menu) the service was downright awful ( waited 20 minutes for someone to greet us at the door even with a reservation....never asked for drinks first before asking for our order after 40 minutes of sitting with the menus.... food came out sporoatically and not together.... never asked for coffee or dessert even though it came with the menu selection...etc...etc...)...almost laughable... Is this the norm here at JA's or did we just time it on a bad night? This is our second visit in a year, and BOTH times service was awful, but this time took the cake!

We dropped a pretty penny here and while we all enjoyed the food (squash blossom app was to die for!) and the steak was prepared and executed perfectly....we are hesitant to go back ...any thoughts or recent visitors who can share their views or thoughts? Hate to cross it off my list, but at the moment, with money being tight, I feel a bit cheated and won't return.

John Andrew's Restaurant
RR 23, North Egremont, MA 01252

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  1. My SO and I have been going to JA's 3-5 times a year for the last 18 years. Only once did I find service offensively inept. There have been times that the service was questionable. Having lived in the Shire for over 30 years, and worked in various aspects of the food industry, quality, year round front end service is hard to come by. The area is not conducive to a large population of professional, top end waitstaff and expediters. Some restaurants are lucky and have found individuals that can bring a restaurant's kitchen and front end to a seamless dining experience. Unfortunately, front end is where the dining experience in the Berkshires lacks.

    1. I won't go back due to horrible service, snotty and inefficient.

      1. i had a terrible experience at JA the one time i went and vowed never to go back. had ordered a pork chop (after, like you, waiting forever to get seated, to get menus, to get silverware, to get drinks, etc.) and it came out raw (not rare) in the middle. i had to send it back 3 times. for high-end dining in the berkshires, we go to the old inn on the green in monterey.

        1. Well, each time we have been there had no problems with the service. Although to be honest as long as they get the order right and things don't take too long don't care about much of anytying else. Sounds like they are inconsistent though.

          1. We've experienced some of the worst and rudest service there and although the food was enjoyed, the experience was not. We stopped going a few years ago. It's hard to feel motivated to try again. Inept service or inexperience is one thing, bad attitude another.

            1. I was a bit turned off by the service a few years ago but went this summer and found both the food and the service excellent. I may be uneven, judging by others' comments, but based on my last couple of experiences I would definitely return.

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                Unless I'm eating at the bar with Peter, I won't go there. No reason to have bad service at those prices.

              2. Anastasia: It's not you! The service at this restaurant can be really lousy. I've gone on very busy Friday and Saturday nights -- and you can sort of expect that the service might be tough. BUT I've also gone several times during the middle of the week in summer and fall -- and I'll never go back again. I live just a few miles from JA, but it's not worth the frustration of horrible service. I'd hate to see the restaurant close, but it's a horrible place that people go to who "think" they're supposed to like it. Next time, go down the road to The Old Mill in the village of S. Egremont. Food is fantastic and the people there are really friendly!

                John Andrew's Restaurant
                RR 23, North Egremont, MA 01252

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                  makes me sad....used to love, LOVE john andrews. i havent been in a few years and i live right down the road too. i heard peter got fired last week. the old mill is great...i always thought my perfect restaurant would be JAs food INSIDE the old mills space...

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                    Do you know what happened? Peter? fired? He is/was one of the important faces of John Andrews, and...an all around nice person. You took me by surprise...

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                      it was heard from a friend of friend so its not %100 reliable...but from what i understand it was long overdue ( what they said, not me saying it...) i heard some more details but feel weird posting on here to the public if you know what i mean...

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                        Okay...I will not put you in an awkward position...I know enough people in the restaurant business in Berkshire County, and, you know how NOTHING escapes comment.,

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                          My SO and I had an experience that mirrors what I am reading here. There was a female manager (owner??) that had the staff in fear of their lives......they were stiff , unfriendly and unresponsive. However the food was excellent. I would not return because the manager made us feel unwanted and uncomfortable.

                          Too bad........

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                            confirmed that yes, peter was fired and also max.

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                              Next time we are at OId Inn, we can probably get James or Peter to spill. I do find it a bit disheartening since we knew Susan and Danny from the day they opened, and, so much has gone on.