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Nov 5, 2011 10:39 AM

Presliced breads are everywhere

From where I lived, presliced breads are everywhere including many artistic breads. Sometime they are very convenient, but sometime they are not what I want. I don't mean there is intact breads cannot be found, but they are definitely the minority here. People say a bread knife is the most important knife after the Chef's knife and the paring knife, but is it? Or is it on its way to obsolescence?

This must means the demand for presliced breads are very high. Why is this? Maybe because people don't want to spend time to slice their bread, or maybe because they don't have a bread knife (though you can use a regular Chef's knife to slice most bread anyway).

Do you see sliced artistic breads everywhere like I do? If so, what is your thought on this?

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  1. I think it's part of marketing mantra 'uniform, convenience & fast'
    I personally find the bread gets dry quicker pre-sliced which I avoid when possible. However, some artisan breads never come as non-sliced which is really unfortunate (annoying rather).
    I won't give up my bread knife yet.

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    1. re: knusprig

      "I personally find the bread gets dry quicker pre-sliced"

      I noticed that too, but I guess that makes sense.

      "some artisan breads never come as non-sliced which is really unfortunate"

      Very similar to my case too. I do see the nonsliced (intact) version as well, but there are so many more presliced version.

    2. I like to slice bread myself wherever possible so unless I am making a lot of sandwiches I always buy it unsliced. I still have my breadknife from college days (1976) and it works just great.

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      1. re: smartie

        :) I guess I am not really arguing against presliced breads. I think they are great for many people and can be good for even you and me from time to time. I just hope that are more intact bread around. I can see intact breads getting more and more difficult to find in the future.

      2. In Northern New Jersey, there are a few supermarkets that carry whole Panella, or round breads *intact* and sliced....though most are pre-sliced. Whenever I go directly to source,i.e. the Bakery for bread, finding whole Panella or Ciabatta in different sizes has never been a problem for me anywhere as long as it it not sold out for the day......and I can also asked for it sliced there on premise.

        1. Do you mean artisan (as opposed to "artistic") breads?

          I've never had a problem finding unsliced breads -- artisan, artistic, generic, or whatever.

          Where do you live?

          Even my local Costco has unsliced artisan french baguettes, for example

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          1. If I buy bread at Panera, I exercise the option to have it sliced, almost always. I was looking with longing at some artisan bread at WF yesterday, which I suppose I would have bought (if I didn't have to watch my carbs) and brought home to be sliced by me with my bread slicing knife. I would also do that with a baguette.

            One of my children asked for knives when setting up the first apartment. I bought a chef's knife, a paring knife and a bread knife. You can use the serrated blade for other things too.