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Nov 5, 2011 10:14 AM

Toulouse with 5 year old

Hi, we will be visiting Toulouse later this month. We'll have our 5 year old daughter with us; she's very used to eating in restaurants and loves French food. I don't eat red meat (but love seafood and poultry) so I'm probably more of a problem than she is. We're looking for nice dinner places - not too fancy or stiff, but charming with good food. Brasseries, bistros, wine bars are all of interest. I'd also love to hear about any places that would be special for a 5 year old - maybe a special chocolate shop or pastry place with old fashioned decor. Price is not an object, but quality is. We'll be staying just east of the river on the Av. de'l Ancien Velodrome, near the University.
thanks very much in advance for any help you can offer.

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  1. I wouldn't worry about a 5 year old in Toulouse. The French love children & go out of their way to please them.

    There is a plenitude of restaurants that meet your criteria. Also, chocolate shops & patisseries to die for. As long as she's reasonably well behaved the staff will fawn over her & you.

    Another specialty is children's clothing. Shops that Mom & Daughter will love.

    You can't fail to have a good time.

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      Thanks Yank. Really tough finding info on Toulouse on this board. Anything especially good in any of these categories that sticks in your head?

      1. re: LulusMom

        Well, an absolute must is lunch at the Victor Hugo market. The restaurants are located upstairs. There are several of them each with different specialties. Great fun, not expensive & child friendly. Go early, near noon as they tend to fill up quickly. No reservations, just walk along studying the menus until you see one you like best.
        Go earlier & tour the covered market downstairs. Your daughter should love it.

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          Sounds like just the ticket. Thanks so much.

    2. Two that I would highly recommend are Le 7, at 7 Place St. Sernin (contemporary), and Le Bon Vivre on the Place Wilson (charming old-school bistro).

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      1. re: rrems

        Great, thank you so much. My husband has been to Toulouse once before and there was some brasserie he has raved about since, so now we have 3 ideas. I appreciate your input (haven't we followed you around the world before? I feel like you gave us some great suggestions for Wales and maybe somewhere else ...).

        1. re: LulusMom

          I think I've followed rrems around the world as well (France and Belgium and next up: Italy!) So I can agree to the recs for both Le 7 and Le Bon Vivre. My husband travels to Toulouse once a year so please report back, especially if you discover anything new.

          1. re: sistereurope

            Definitely will. And I've got those two places on my list.

            We still have incredibly fond memories of a meal in Wales at a pub (recommended by rrems) between Tintern Abbey and Cardiff. Absolutely wonderful.

            1. re: LulusMom

              That would be the Nag's Head in Usk. You brought back a pleasant memory.

              1. re: rrems

                That is the place. It was a cold, windy day, and after walking around Tintern, it was so warm and comforting that it wouldn't have mattered if the food hadn't been so good. But it was. Happy to have brought a happy memory to you - slight payback for all your recommendations.