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Nov 5, 2011 10:14 AM

Take out and casual dining dillema

Ok I just moved to Allenstown from Nashua, not a huge distance but enough, and I'm looking for some tasty take out. I am so glad to have moved out icky Nashua but they did have the best selection of food in the state! I love authentic asian and home made soups. I have a pizza market near by which is great for cheap italian style pizza but I need something more interesting. I used to love going to Nashua Garden, Kiko, Food and Fashion (a personal fave the woman is so sweet), Life Alive in Lowell and Bagel Alley. Can anyone help me find some decent food in Concord, Bow, Hooksett area please?

Nashua Garden
121 Main St, Nashua, NH 03060

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  1. On Sat and Sun around 11:30am, Saigon Asian Market on Maple St in Manchester gets a delivery of freshly prepared food, including Bahn Mi sandwiches. Sunshine Oriental on Loudon Rd (near MacDonald's, same side) in Concord has dim sum all the time. My son and his family have started going to Chen Yang Li in Bow. (exit 1, I89 or take Rt 3A to Grand View Rd to South Street).

    If you mean homemade soups in general, In A Pinch Cafe in Concord (two locations) has a couple of different soups each day. See hours. They close in the afternoon. I like their sandwiches, too.

    The Sandwich Depot on Hall St in Concord has good subs and very casual dining in an old depot building. Haven't been in a while so hope they're still good.

    Check old threads. There was a recommendation for a take out kind of Chinese place with only a few tables in Hooksett and the name escapes me. Very unusual menu. We've only gone once since it's out of the way. It's the road where KMart is located but it's closer to Manchester, As you head to Manchester it's on the left. I think it's in a small strip plaza after you go by Tinker's Seafood.

    Tinker's Seafood
    545 Hooksett Rd, Manchester, NH 03104

    Chen Yang Li Restaurant
    520 South St, Bow, NH 03304

    Sandwich Depot
    49 Hall St, Concord, NH 03301

    1. sorry to hear "icky" nashua didn't work out for you...

      a happy nashua resident

      1. I love the sandwiches at Butter's on Main St. Nice, simple combinations on really great bread. And you can pick up some great cheese, wine and beer to enjoy later at home!

        1. I really enjoy Sunny's Table in Concord. I love going there.