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Nov 5, 2011 09:02 AM

Blue Danube ~ Trenton

Has anyone eaten here? Looks pretty good!

Blue Danube Restaurant
538 Adeline St, Trenton, NJ 08611

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  1. Yes! It is a tiny place that is slightly hard to find, but the food is well worth it. I only went there once last year, but my boyfriend and I continue to talk about the place. Great goulash.

    1. I have been there twice but it's been a while. The food is pretty good and they have a large menu. I remember liking the Hungarian platter. If I'm in the mood for Polish food I'll opt for Villa Polonia in Trenton but it's a tiny, very casual byob -- Blue Danube has old-school decor and a bar. I would recommend it.

      Blue Danube Restaurant
      538 Adeline St, Trenton, NJ 08611

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        Villa Polonia is excellent, though call first - they are often hosting small private parties and you won't get in if that's the case. Service is ... professional though not what I would call friendly per se.
        We'd also highly recommend Rozmaryn Restaurant, 925 North Olden Ave., Trenton (609) 656-1600. They also do host private parties though not as often as Villa Polonia, so call first as well just to be safe. Service is friendly and their food is excellent.

        For Italian, we love Amici in Chambersburg - everything is good and their wine list is very reasonable. Their mohitos are fantastic. For Guatamalan, we like Guatelinda at 1234 S. Clinton - very close to Amici. They are byob, have huge portions and their pork adobada is amazing. can also help turn you onto other good things in the area. There are a few good Jamaican places too. If you like Indian though you must go a bit further - to Cafe Bombay in Bristol. It's the absolute BEST.

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          Wow! Thanks jkling17 for all the great info and website as well! :)

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            I agree on Rozmaryn but have never tried Villa Polonia .
            Rozmaryn's web site lists the days they host private parties under calendar .
            If you go a few miles further north on Olden you will find Barbara's Hungarian Kitchen in the Mazzaro Shopping Center . Also BYOB .
            Another choice is Krakowiak on Main Street in South River - very good Polish food .

            Krakowiak Restaurant
            42 Main St, South River, NJ 08882

            1. re: arpad

              Juust ate at Barbara's Hungarian on Wednesday--it is a very sweet place--sort of like eating in someone's kitchen(if that someone happens to have several tables) The food was good, but if they are going to prepare stews in advance, they need to skim off the oil. It was tasty, but it wasn't very attractive. The strudel,apple and cherry were very good.