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Nov 5, 2011 07:14 AM

ISO ideas for Pescatarian Thanksgiving main dish

My nephew's girlfriend is a pescatarian and is coming to Thanksgiving. Since we already cater to a vegetarian and a quasi-kosher person the sides will be fine but I was wondering about a fish dish. Has to be fairly easy for last minute work but would like to serve her more than a plain baked fish. Any ideas of an easy festive fish dish?

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  1. My immediate thought was lobster when I first saw your title. Then after reading your request I thought of: Creamed Lobster With Puff Pastry Shells. You could buy and cook the lobster before the day and refrigerate it over night. Or have the market steam the lobster as you shop, etc.. The following recipe has a choice of either the pastry shells or English muffins. I think biscuits would also work.

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      Sounds fabulous. The problem would be keeping the other 28 people (luckily the quasi-kosher people won't eat lobster) from it. Have to think about that.

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        Oh well then... use another kind of seafood. Plan B: Do a roast fillet of something or other with a grest tasting crumb, herb and butter topping.

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          do you want to make something the kosher person could also eat, so fish rather than seafood?
          We love haddock in coriander tomato sauce, which has the virtue of being best served room temp

      2. Due to you description of the party guests, my first inclination was to suggest Chinese/Asian inspired seafood dishes.......but you could also take some ideas from the Italians as well and look for ideas from the Christmas Eve Feast of the Seven Fishes.

        1. This is a little west coast, but a very traditional Thanksgiving pescatarian meal is Cioppino. Maybe a lot of ingredients for only one person, but it's pretty easy-- and everyone else might go for it too.

          1. Pescatarians basically eat a vegetarian menu and also fish. You don't really have to make a different main than the one you are making for the vegetarians, which can be the quasi-Kosher main ( I assume that means they don't mix meat and dairy, so no turkey).

            Don't complicate your life. A meal for 28 is enough work.

            1. How about a TURDOCKON (a fillet of salmon rolled up inside a filet of haddock rolled up inside a fillet of turbot).

              Just kidding! I agree with Cathy: pescatarians eat veggies. You'll have enough to cook as is.

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