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Nov 5, 2011 05:21 AM

christmas party lunch byo in center city

It is time for the office christmas party luncheon. Aside from the extremely nonadventerous eater issue, we really need a byo. Having done this for many years, the alcohol bill adds up, even when people stick to one to two drinks each.
We have 35 dollars per person to spend on the lunch. We are safest sticking to American food or Italian. My toddlers were more adventerous eaters than these folks.
We are at 7th and Walnut and looking for something easy to get to, preferably walkable.
Many byo's are not open for lunch.

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  1. How many people do you have? Matyson might work, although it's a little far. Maybe they'd take you upstairs at Delicatessen?

    1. how about Raddichio at 4th and vine?

      1. What day of the week?

        I don't know if they even allow BYO, but Famous 4th St. Deli is not terribly far (half a mile or so) and would definitely satisfy your non-adventurous eater criteria.

        Aqua and Kanella are both very close, BYO and open for lunch (Kanella only Fridays), but of course would probably scare your coworkers.

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        1. re: Buckethead

          A lot of BYOs are closed for lunch, but I think many would open for a private party.

          I'm having trouble thinking of BYOs that are only a few blocks from you, but somewhat close are Mercato, Hostera Da Elio, Gnocchi, Giorgio's, La Fontana Della Citta (open for lunch anyway).

          1. re: barryg

            +1 for Girogio on Pine and Mercato. A friend of mine had a holiday lunch last year at Giorgio and everyone was very happy with it. I would also think you could easily stay in that price range.

        2. A little farther field (not walkable but still CC), you might want to check into Branzino, Bistro La Baia, or Roberto Cafe. All are BYOB Italian, I'm pretty sure are still all open for lunch, and I'm sure you could easily stay in that price range and have an enjoyable meal.