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Nov 5, 2011 03:25 AM

happy hour at Faces Mears Park

I had such high hopes for this place. It is beautiful, and gazing upon Mears park while you eat is a pleasure. But the lovely space and view simply do not compensate for the lousy food. We ordered a small pizza and the mini-burgers and they were worse than mediocre. My husband said the pizza tasted like Chef Boyardee and the burgers had a funny taste. We also ordered small salads which were decent, but absolutely not better than decent. House wine was decent and quantity of the pour was fine.

Am I in the minority here? Any Faces fans out there? Is the food you'd order for a meal any better than the happy hour food?

p.s. We saw loaves of their ww bread, which is made and baked on site, and it both looked and smelled delicious. However, we did not sample it and looks can be deceiving.

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  1. I have learned to avoid any place associated with David Fhima . That is all I will say.

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    1. re: gryffindor249

      Same here. Before Faces opened, I was hoping the space would be sold to someone else. We live mere seconds away and it's frustrating that such a disappointing restaurant occupies (in my mind) prime real estate.

      1. I'm in the minority - I really like the place. I haven't been in about 6 months, but the four or five previous times I went, I really enjoyed it. It's certainly not perfect, but personally I've really liked the food their, which has included pizzas, a fantastic salad, a beef dish, and a couple others. I like the emphasis on healthy food, with healthy ingredients, and low usage of fat and salt to prop up flavors, relying instead on good ingredients, and creative dishes.

        As I said, the last time I was there was about 6 months ago, so maybe things have gone downhill. But I never left disappointed, and it's always on my list of places to go when in that neck of the woods. My one (major) criticism of Faces is their service - most of the times I've been there the service was mediocre at best. Once it was excellent (significantly better than Twin Cities average).

        There are a lot of Fhima detractors, and to be sure, he's had his issues. But we've always enjoyed Faces.

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        1. re: foreverhungry

          Me, too - both in liking the place and not having been there for a while. In my case, it's been 7-8 months, but I really liked the food then. I mostly ate lunch (because I worked in the building), but had the occasional dinner and happy hour visit. The harrira soup was awesome, sandwich ingredients were high quality, salads were good, and I liked that the blueberry muffins were made with whole wheat flour (gives great flavor). The to-go rotisserie chicken was marvelous; moist and juicy, with subtle and unusual on the skin.

          However, happy hour was no great shakes in terms of value - only 3-4 beers were on special, along with an unforgettable white wine and two basic reds - and not much discounted food. So I didn't go often for the HH.

          The menu seems to have been tweaked since my time; many of the dishes I liked are no longer available (like the weird but delicious BBQ beef pizza). I wonder if the quality has slid since then? Or perhaps there are just more clinkers on the menu than before?

          1. re: AnneInMpls

            I really appreciate your replies, guys. Thank you. Perhaps I do need to give this place a try for a meal (vs. ruling it out based on HH food).

            Forgot to add in my original post--the service was dreadful. I asked the waiter a question which he did not answer, even after I repeated it. I asked my husband if the question was unclear and he said it was crystal clear. Waiter was just in a hurry and/or did not feel like answering. Very discourteous.

            Dasha--You live in that lovely area? What are your Happy Hour reccs in Saint Paul?

        2. I have dinner plans forthcoming at this place. I thought I would check out their happy hour while I'm there, but one look at their online menu makes me think they do not put much thought/effort into the happy hour.

          Burgers, pizza, wings, "select" wine, 1 tap beer, rail drinks . . . they know how to take the happy out of happy hour.

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          1. re: galewskj

            I've been there twice for happy hour, and I agree, their HH is terrible by most HH standards. Perhaps it's because they know that straight across the park are the Bulldog and Barrio, 2 places that are tough to compete with for HH. Maybe it's just because they honestly have no clue when it comes to HH. But IMO, their HH is very different than their standard lunch and dinner experiences.