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Nov 5, 2011 03:23 AM

Grocery shopping in milan

I am going to Milan in a few days and i will be staying there for only 48 hours. i plan to bring back some good olive oil, vinegars, parmigiano, dried porcini and pasta. But the time will be short, so i need to go to one place to get all the stuff. Can anybosy, please, advise if there is a grocery store that is renowned and well stocked for me to get all that stuff?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Anybosy here.

      Where are you staying? Even a modest grocery store should be able to fulfil your interests.

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        Thanks for relating
        I will be staying at NHow hotel in via Tortona.
        I agree that my shopping list is probably quite "average" for an Italian grocery store. But when travelling abroad you always have this feeling that there is something "special" around the corner and you may miss it :)
        I guess i am looking for some "right" place to get the "right" stuff. I found a recommendation for Eataly grocery on that site, which may be useful

        I also look for a place to buy Riffoni cookware without going all the way to Omegna. Any suggestions? Is there anything similar to E.Dehillering in Paris?

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          Following my previous post
          I kept investigating, got in touch with Ruffoni and they suggested visiting Borla Elite sore in via Cerva, kind of local E.Dehillerin - for European manufacturers of cookware

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            I have a two for one deal for you. In the scheme of the world, both of these places are very close to your hotel-- probably about a 15-20 minute walk. Or you can walk to the Porta Genova green line stop which is probably a 5 min walk and take it two stops. At the Sant Ambrogio stop is Pam Supermarket. This stop is at the corner of via Olona and via de Amicis. If you walk down via de Amicis about three or four blocks you will get to "Kitchen" which has a lot of high-end cookware though I cannot comment on the specific brands you are seeking.


            As for Peck, Eataly, etc. if you are looking to splash out as they say, these are probably the places. Unless you are looking for something super specific or hard to source, I would just stick to the grocery store. Of course, I do realize half the fun is going into a place like Peck and splurging. I still prefer Rossi and Grassi which I have posted about here before. They have plenty of high end stuff though the selection is more limited. However, they will talk to you and treat you like you are doing them a favor to spend money in their store rather than the other way around which is unfortunately the case with Peck. Enjoy your trip.

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                Thank you so much! I have been reading your forum a lot, but it's the first time i actually asked for help - and you, guys, know what you are talking about! I feel now so much better and relaxed about this trip!
                Thanks again. I will share with you my experiences once i am back

          2. Peck is great a major gourmet deli/prepared foods. It is near Hotel Spadari.

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              Peck is very expensive however. and rather unwelcoming. It also specializes in its private label products, so if you want to look at a selection and choose its not the best place. I agree that excellent products are available there, but you will be paying top dollare, products like those sought by the OP are available in many locations where people live,, in grocery stores, fruit stands (for the dried funghi porcini) and morning street markets, such as the excellent San Marco market we visited last summer.. Here is a link with info on the locations of some of these if there are convenient..

              It used to be there were a whole cluster of food shops near Peck but it seemed to me last summer that there were more gelato shops and fewer bona fide stores than previously. Do look around there are still a few other places nearby..

              I havent been to Eataly MIlano so I cant compare to Peck. I dont care for the NY Eataly, but there might be more selection of oils, for example.