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Nov 4, 2011 08:07 PM

French Macaron at the mall in Woodland Hills

It's the larger mall at Topanga between Victory & Vanowen. A kiosk on the second floor near the entrance to Macy's.

They were pricey -- $1.70. At that price I didn't even ask if they sell multiples and price them more affordably. Two was all the investment I was making.

I'd guess they had about a dozen flavors. I got my husband Intense Chocolate (he LOVED it) and Cheesecake (he was less impressed and didn't recognize a cheesecake flavor before or after he new the name). They also had Salted Carmel, Espresso, Green Tea and various other varieties I'm no longer remembering.

They weren't busy. I wonder if they can survive at those prices. But, for now, if you want French macarons without the 2 day investment in making them, head to the mall.

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