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Getting Chili?

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Colder and colder outside and soon the wind and rains will come. Bummer. My thoughts naturally turn to warming comfort foods and chewy fresh bread. Anyone know where to get a really good bowl of chili? Con Carne would be fine, but vegetarian would be just fine if done well.

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  1. Yeah, I could go for a good bowl as well. Due to a late working sched I recently had chili two weeks in a row as a take-out add on from (oh the shame) Tim Horton's and then later on from Quizno's.
    I was starving and in a hurry out in Richmond late one evening and I grabbed a turkey sandwich with a side of chili - just awful both of them. It'll be another 5 years before I forget and get sucked in again.
    Quizno's was marginally better as an add on to my Chicken Carbonara sandwich (at least there was a bit of heat) but it was still way below a really decent Chili Con.

    My vote for now is the Chili from Chili Tank. They're mobile and often at the Winter Farmer's Market. They always have two choices -either Beef, Chicken, or Vegetarian. Lots of toppings a chunk of fresh bread and there's nothing better on a cold Fall/Winter market date. They'll be there this coming Saturday. http://www.chilitank.com/

    1. I would have thought chili would be a staple at Burgoo. But for several years now I've looked to their menu and it's never there :-(

      Memphis Blues has chili, but I've never ordered it.

      Migz doesn't have chili as far as I recall.

      Apparently The Hog Shack in Richmond has chili. I've not been to HS yet so I can't comment.

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        Migz is no more... replaced by Yaggers, which has Organic Bison Chorizo Chili listed on the menu.