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Nov 4, 2011 07:18 PM

Getting Chili?

Colder and colder outside and soon the wind and rains will come. Bummer. My thoughts naturally turn to warming comfort foods and chewy fresh bread. Anyone know where to get a really good bowl of chili? Con Carne would be fine, but vegetarian would be just fine if done well.

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  1. Yeah, I could go for a good bowl as well. Due to a late working sched I recently had chili two weeks in a row as a take-out add on from (oh the shame) Tim Horton's and then later on from Quizno's.
    I was starving and in a hurry out in Richmond late one evening and I grabbed a turkey sandwich with a side of chili - just awful both of them. It'll be another 5 years before I forget and get sucked in again.
    Quizno's was marginally better as an add on to my Chicken Carbonara sandwich (at least there was a bit of heat) but it was still way below a really decent Chili Con.

    My vote for now is the Chili from Chili Tank. They're mobile and often at the Winter Farmer's Market. They always have two choices -either Beef, Chicken, or Vegetarian. Lots of toppings a chunk of fresh bread and there's nothing better on a cold Fall/Winter market date. They'll be there this coming Saturday.

    1. I would have thought chili would be a staple at Burgoo. But for several years now I've looked to their menu and it's never there :-(

      Memphis Blues has chili, but I've never ordered it.

      Migz doesn't have chili as far as I recall.

      Apparently The Hog Shack in Richmond has chili. I've not been to HS yet so I can't comment.

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        Migz is no more... replaced by Yaggers, which has Organic Bison Chorizo Chili listed on the menu.