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Nov 4, 2011 06:07 PM

What to do with 4 not so great ribeyes.

I bought a box of steak from one of those guys that comes around your neighborhood with a truck full of steaks for sale. My wife and I had 2 and they weren't so great- texture was off an they were a little tough.

They are good steaks, just not good on their own, so I figured I'd do something else with them.

I was thinking a red sauce with 2 of them.

Does anyone have any tips on using a decent cut of meat for a meat sauce?

Any suggestions for the other 2 steaks?

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  1. How about cubing them and making a good meaty chili?

    1. We put some not-so-great ribeyes in the meat grinder and made patties and threw them on the grill. Lot better than they were in their original form.

      1. I've had those steaks and you're right, the texture is strange. I chalked it up to the fact that they were injected with salt water. Bleck.

        What if you sliced them really thin and used them for steak sandwiches? The preparation used here might work...

        1. beef stew?
          or cut into small cubes and add to mushroom risotto during last few minutes of cooking?
          I like the steak sandwich idea - maybe marinate them a bit more?...steak fajitas?

          1. Grill them like they were the best steaks you ever ate, then the next day cube them up and make steak tcos out of them. Nothing better, even if the meat itself isn't that great it will be wonderful witht he rest of the ingredients.