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2 or 3 ingredients recipes.

I recently discovered that you can make very good recipes with 2 or 3 ingredients.

Pumpkin spice muffin (1 can of pumpkin puree + 1 pack of instant cake)
Lemon bars (Lemon custard + 1 angel cake box)

Well, now I want more. I'm in love with the concept of using few ingredients.

Can you help me?

Anything that can be done with 2-3 or maybe 4?

Thank you.

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  1. Not to be *too* nit picky, but a box of cake isn't really one ingredient. OK, yeah, I'm being nit picky. :)

    But to actually answer your question, Marcella Hazan's tomato sauce with butter, onion and tomatoes is one of my favorite easy comfort foods. The whole is far greater than the sum of its parts. The fact that you don't even have to chop the onions just raises it that much higher in my estimation.

    1. Marinated Tomato salad -- diced tomatoes, onions, and balsamic vinaigrette (i make my own, but one ingredient if you buy it)

      Broccoli Soup - steamed broccoli, roasted garlic and onions, broth/water, S & P (okay more than three)

      Mousse - eggs, chocolate, whipped cream

      Angel Hair Caponata - angel hair, tomatoes, garlic, basil (4)

      Baked Apples - cored apples, brown sugar, apple juice or 7-up, optional cinnamon

      1. Shrimp, jalapeno pepper sliver, bacon, brown sugar--broil

        chocolate ganache--chocolate, cream

        chicken wings, brown sugar, soy sauce, garlic

        linguine w/ clam sauce--linguine, clam sauce, garlic, white wine

        heart attacks--hot dog, bacon, sugar

        1 c pb, 1 c sugar, 1 egg--pb cookies that taste like candy

        flour, yeast, water, salt--the best bread ever

        caprese salad--tomatoes, mozzarella, olive oil, basil

        1. :) Some of your 2-3 ingredient does not really count like instant cake.

          Anyway, are we talking about baked good or just any foods?

          There are tons of minimal ingredients for cooked dishes like:

          Pan fried green beans
          1) Green bean, 2) salt 3) oil 4) some water.

          1) egg whites, 2) sugar 3) vanilla 4) pinch of tartar.

          Toasted bread
          1) bread 2) butter

          No knead bread
          1) flour, 2) yeast 3) salt 4) water.

          In celebration of the instant cake tradition, here is one more.

          1) Instant noodle + 2) an egg.

          1. Roseanne Gold's 3-ingredient cookbooks are fun, creative. S & P free ingredients

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              p.s. I'm from NJ/NY. For at least 10 y I listened religiously to Arthur Schwartz' radio program on all aspects of food, food history, food lore, personal stories about food etc (as I recall, Arthur's mother was a terrible cook..not only was his show educational and entertaining, Arthur is very funny and, also, infectiously adorable BTW he has a website). Roseanne Gold is his best friend...

            2. ICE CREAM MUFFINS
              Pillsbury 17th annual bakeoff (Jan 1966)

              "The one great surprise was ice cream, never regarded as a convenience product, but used by several of the finalists as a substitute for sweetening, shortening and flavoring."

              2 cups self-rising flour*
              2 cups softened vanilla ice cream

              Measure flour and ice cream int mixing bowl. Beat until smooth. Fill well-greased muffin cups three-fourths full.

              Bake at 425 degrees F for 20 to 25 minutes until golden brown.

              *For use with regular flour, decrease flour to 1 1/2 cups. Add 1 tablespoon baking powder and 1 teaspoon salt.

              If a richer muffin is desired, add 1 egg and 2 tablespoons cooking oil.

              Makes about 12 muffins

              1. Israeli salad:
                1. diced cucumber
                2. diced tomato
                3. diced onion
                4. squeeze of lemon juice or splash of olive oil.

                1. avocado toast: (my favorite breakfast)

                  1. slice of toast
                  2. 1/2 an avocado, mashed
                  3. salt

                  1. tons of possibilities, assuming we're not counting salt, pepper or cooking oil (or butter) as one of the ingredients...

                    - scrambled eggs (or even better, lox, eggs & onions)
                    - baked oatmeal
                    - hummus
                    - prosciutto-wrapped melon
                    - cheese- or almond-stuffed dates
                    - bacon-wrapped scallops
                    - granita or sorbet
                    - pound cake
                    - bruschetta
                    - polenta
                    - tomatoes, zucchini, mushrooms or peppers stuffed with herbed goat cheese or ricotta
                    - spaghetti squash with tomato sauce (or pesto) & cheese
                    - pasta aglio e olio
                    - linguini with clams
                    - grilled cheese
                    - popovers

                    and obviously if you use things like bottled marinades & sauces on meat or fish, or prepared dough/crust/puff pastry with one or two toppings, you've got a 2- or 3-ingredient dish.

                    i'm sure you'll find plenty of ideas here:

                    lots more where those came from, just Google "3-ingredient recipes"

                    1. Salami, sourcream, basil. Crisp salami slice in oven...mix sour cream and basil chiffonade. Dip.
                      crisp bread sticks, bacon, parm cheese. wrap, brown, roll.
                      semi sweet choc chips, dried cranberries, tangerine zest, toasted almond slivers. Microwave until melted, mix...cool in fridge to make bark.
                      I love this thread. Thanks for posting it.

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                        i can't believe you didn't suggest buckeyes. okay, so maybe it's 5 ingredients, but still :)

                        and great call on the bark...chocolate, bacon & peanuts, anyone?

                        guess we can add condensed milk fudge to the list as well.

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                          Inside out oreos...crushed oreos, cream cheese and "white" chocolate chips!

                      2. How are one ingredient? Frozen banana chunks + food processor = banana ice cream. Add chocolate chips to make it a two-ingredient recipe. Peanut butter makes three.

                        1. A favorite in my family especially during the holidays is smoked gouda stuffed bacon wrapped shrimp. Three ingredients: smoked gouda cheese, large shrimp (peeled & deveined; slice down the back but not entirely) and applewood smoked bacon. Stuff cheese into back of shrimp, wrap in bacon and pick. Broil on both sides until bacon is crisp. Simple & delicious.

                            1. For a wide variety of recipes using three ingredients, take a look at Rozanne Gold's 1-2-3 cookbooks, all with three ingredients. I haven't cooked much from them, but what I have has been quite good. I cook a lot from her Radically Simple book, similar, but often more than three ingredients, all surprisingly complex flavors in simple dishes. But no cake mixes, pretty much all real, elemental foods.

                              1. Love this thread! :-)

                                I often fry up hot peppers, onions, and sliced steak. IMO, it's imperative that it be hot peppers rather than bell peppers. I also like peanut butter chicken (sauteed onions, boneless thighs, pb, maybe some water to thin, throw in the crock) and zucchini w/ tomato sauce (saute onions, move to the side, turn up heat, fry zucchini, add tomatoes or tomato sauce, cover until cooked as desired) and grits with an egg cooked on top, sriracha and sesame oil drizzled over. Sauteed onion cooked with pink beans and a spoon of tomato sauce is a favorite too.

                                It seems like you can do a lot with self-raising flour, but I never feel like keeping two kinds of flour around.

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                                1. http://savorysweetlife.com/2010/08/4-...
                                  Nutella brownie bites, 4 ingredients.
                                  We've made half Nutella, half PB. We've made these with speculoos spread.
                                  Super quick & easy. In a pretty mini foil wrapper they make a nice house gift.