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Nov 4, 2011 05:12 PM

Turnip Greens Abundance from CSA

I've never cooked turnip greens before - suggestions for what to do with them?

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  1. Sometimes they are very dirty, so I usually triple wash.

    If you have had a frost in your area they will be sweeter. Anything you do with kale you can do with turnip greens.

    Traditional Southern method is to slowly cook with a smoked ham hock in water. Serve with pepper vinegar and cornbread to sop up the pot liqueur.

    Chop and add to chicken soup just a bit before serving. Or saute in olive oil with garlic. It's nice steamed with tofu - season to taste with Chinese vegetarian BBQ sauce. Greens also have a nice affinity for potatoes.

    1. agree about the washing.

      i like to steam them til tender, then saute with bacon and butter. when i got a csa boatload, i divvied the cooked bits up and froze them to enjoy all winter.

      1. Turnip greens are excellent when sauteed. Brown some garlic in olive oil before adding the greens and then season with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder. I often serve them as a side with dinner. More recently, I've started using my sauteed greens as a sandwich topping.

        Hot italian sausage with sharp provolone and sauteed greens on a roll; Roast Pork with sauteed greens and provolone on a roll.

        1. Turnip greens are one of my favourite vegetables to cook with but one of the hardest for me to source (they are also the vegetable I have the least luck with growing :( ).
          There are many styles of 'pickles' in Japan and a well loved kind is Nozawana Zuke.
          To make it you'll need some basic Japanese condiments.
          unfortunately there is scant information in English about preserving turnip greens in this way but I'll be delighted to help if you're interested in going this route (it would help if you like eating greens with plain rice, we'd make short work of it in my house and know other families who'd want some also here in London)

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          1. Do you also have the turnips? Turnips are great with their own greens. Braise them, then hit them with a little vinegar to glaze them. Pair them with some steak or lamb chops, and you've pretty much got a full meal.