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Nov 4, 2011 05:04 PM

First drink

The kid turned 21. Where shoud we take him for his first official parentally-sponsored drink? Assume he is familiar with all manner of vile college booze constructions--how can we set him right? Where is a good bartender in a bar that isn't so trendy that the kid wouldn't be ashamed to be seen with his parental units? Would prefer not to dig into the tuition fund to pay at a hotel bar, but still want it to have some class. Thinking a good sazerac or single malt scotch, or a classic martini.

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  1. I recently took my 22 year old nephew to Wellesbourne on Pico in West LA and he really liked it. It has a library-living room feel, the music isn't super loud and the drinks are good (but to be honest, I wasn't that adventurous in what I ordered). Granted, I've never been there on a night when it is packed, so maybe that changes the vibe.

    1. It depends on what part of town?

      The places that come to mind right away are Musso Frank, Hungry Cat, Tavern, Seven Grand, Tasting Kitchen, Bandera -- these all have excellent bartenders and are cool enough for the kid to hang with his parents.

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        Hungry Cat will make something unforgettable. I am a lot older than 21 and I had a drink at Hungry Cat in Santa Monica Canyon , recently, that I am still dreaming about. It was a special cocktail that night. Tequila with a couple of very fresh juices (pomegranate and lime) and one other ingredient. Damn, it was good and I am not normally a tequila drinker. Definitely not even close to being a Margarita.

        The Hungry Cat
        100 W Channel Rd, Santa Monica, CA 90402

        1. A perfect martini at Musso and Frank!

          1. I had my first legal drink at The Room in Hollywood. After watching Swingers, I appreciated it more for the "speakeasy" vibe. I say, take him for a drink at the Dresden with Marty and Elaine. The retro dining area is kind of cool, even though the food is meh. Single Malt Scotch would be good. They have old school bartenders at the Dresden and a nice mix of people so you won't be weird taking him there.

            Another option is the Edison downtown. They have an extensive drink menu (and dress code) and is a really really cool space. Wednesday and/or Thursday they have some Vaudeville type acts.