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Nov 4, 2011 04:50 PM

Cheapest 'perfect' wine on earth or in the Universe??!!

I was checking the ratings, reviews and pricing of a few wines on when I came across a 100/100 wine at an unbelievable price of only US$7.90!! Its the 2003 de Loach Chardonnay Russian River Valley! Is this a joke or what??! If this is the case, why bother spending thousands on a Montrachet?!!! Ha!!

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  1. Charles, after spending 5-10 min on this site and realizing the posts were not that recent (i.e. I couldn't find any link that came close to what you've described) I came to the conclusion that the dominant features (Armenian food) were coming from some Yahoo in the LA basin, and I'm a native of the central valley where those folk are lovingly known as Fresno Indians, well .... not much credibility. Really appreciate your posts on the Wine board and would love to see this list.

    BTW, haven't had too much of what De Loach offers, but have liked their zins in the past, don't recall any under $10 however.



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    1. Anybody can score a wine whatever they want. I wouldn't put too much stock in a site that gives Wolf Blass Merlot a 95. Ratings are meaningless.

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        Still!! Its funny to see something like this!! Ha!

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            Noticed another 'interesting' rating on that site!!
            They gave the 1975 d'Yquem only 89/100!!! Looked into the rating break down more closely and saw Jancis Robinson giving it 8/20!!! An obvious mistake!
            A novice depending on the site to make purchase decision will miss out on a great wine!!

              1. re: Veggo

                Yes! But not when the 1975 vintage is universally accepted by wine enthusiasts and experts as one of the 'greatest' d'Yquem ever?! Actually in another publication JC did give the wine 18/20!

                1. re: Charles Yu

                  And I enjoyed a '75, in '86, on a rainy Sunday afternoon in Austin with a game of Scrabble at her house, my new love. I brought it in a wine bucket and the label peeled off in the melt, and we had cheese and bread. I never told her it was something special, but she seemed to notice on her own. I scavanged it from my merchant's cellar, complete with cob webs, and he laughed at the price tag then, $105, and said it would cost him twice that price to replace it. In '86.

                  EDIT: this wanders more toward perfect than cheap, and the '94 portos I suppose will peak after I descend...

      2. "Perfect" is in the eye of the beholder. Reasonably priced might be a better discriminator. I like the Martin Codax Albarino at around $14/bottle for my favorite white (although the Rex Goliath Giant 47-Pound Rooster Pinot Grigio -usually under $8- is a decent sippin' on the back porch after a hard day's work). Reds tend to be a bit pricier. I think it's called "Big House Red" - black text on a white label. Not bad at all.

        1. "Perfect" is the synergy of the wine, the food, and the people I'm sharing it all with at the time . . . .

          I've had perfect wines that cost $3.50 and perfect wines that cost $350.