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Nov 4, 2011 04:35 PM

New Pizza in Lincroft

Like we need another one. But this one has a decent pedigree. It's a spinoff from Aleo's, an excellent Italian deli in the same strip mall, so expectations were good.

And it is. Not the best I've had, but it's up there, worth revisiting many times. The crust is thin but not crackerlike. There's less cheese than most places, which I think is a plus, but the rest of the family doesn't. The tomato sauce is obviously freshly made, better than most places. The large is about an inch or so smaller than most other places, but that's not really a problem.

If you're in the area, it's worth giving it a try. I would expect their other items, subs, calzones, etc., to be very good, too, since the deli is top notch.

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  1. They have a website, but it has not been updated to include any mention of pizza. It only covers their catering business.

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      1. re: fershore

        Ack! Horrific music and no prices on the menu. Perfect excuse to not give this place any business. Sorry, but an establishment that refuses to post prices on their menu is taking themselves to seriously. Do they think they are Babbo in Manhattan? Oops, Babbo posts their prices online...

        1. re: equal_Mark

          I didn't have my sound on when I saw the link so did not get to enjoy the horrific music.

          When Aleo had a spinoff restaurant in the current CJ Montana's location, I really enjoyed it. I was sorry that they closed. They had a sauteed calamari over pasta dish that reminded me of the one I love at Vincent's in Manhattan.

          I'm thinking that they just rushed to get something up when someone told them about your earlier post about their website. Naive?

          1. re: equal_Mark

            How many pizza shops even have an online menu? FWIW, their prices are in line with everyone else in the area. Some items might be a buck more, some a little less, but nothing out of line. I haven't compared them line by line with Luigi's or Atillio's, their neighboring competition, but I didn't see anything that jumped out.

            (I'd rather go across the street for Chinese anyway. EE is pretty good. But I still prefer Manow.)

            1. re: equal_Mark

              LOL.. I also had the sound off so missed the music.

              Reminds me of this article about the terribleness of restaurant websites:

              'Restaurant sites are the product of restaurant culture. These nightmarish websites were spawned by restaurateurs who mistakenly believe they can control the online world the same way they lord over a restaurant. "In restaurants, the expertise is in the kitchen and in hospitality in general," says Eng San Kho, a partner at the New York design firm Love and War, which has created several unusually great restaurant sites (more on those in a bit). "People in restaurants have a sense that they want to create an entertainment experience online—that's why disco music starts, that's why Flash slideshows open. They think they can still play the host even here online." '