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Nov 4, 2011 04:18 PM

Planters has whumped up the price of their peanuts by 40 percent.

Price jump is accorded to heat and to drought.

Ahh, peanut butter, the salve of salvation
for so many families
who send the kids out there with at least PBJ.

Will this ripple to politics?
Will the simplicity of such sandwich
give reform of us all?

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  1. To whom I assume consume the legume, gloom and doom may loom.

    1. On another site, I saw that this was likely to happen and stocked up. Glad I did.

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      1. re: Ima Wurdibitsch

        not sure why, in spite of this news, all stores are having specials on peanut butter, brand names are cheaper than No Name.

      2. I read an article in newspaper that the peanut crop failed and that anything/everything with peanuts will increase in price.

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        1. Unfortunately, we have had several summers of drought here in Georgia, and the peanut crops this year were miserable. I am keeping my fingers crossed that next year we may have some normal rain for a change. It has been all or nothing for the last 5 years, flood or drought.

          We use peanut butter most every day, and though I hate to pay more for anything, I figure that the extra buck or two stretched out over a month really doesn't amount to enough to whine about.

          1. I'll wait to see what Jimmy Carter has to say about all this.